Thursday, October 2, 2008

Paul's haircut #3

Patty, Paul, Jim (Paul's brother) and Beth (Paul's sister, shortly after Paul got his 3rd haircut since the accident. And yes, I'm the one using the clippers. :-)

Keep sending cards and letters!

Love and blessings,


Anonymous said...


you look great.

we'll see you in a few days. bringing Jill and mom. and picnic stuff. see you/ beth around 11 on saturday!


Anonymous said...

We spotted Buzz walking the other day with who I can now see was probably Paul's sister- I recognize the haircut. You're very blessed to have great friends and relatives to help that way. I hope that everythign is going well, and wanted to let you know that the St.Pats community is still watching and praying for every step forward that you'll make. I read the updates and can only think how brave and strong Patty is and what a good kid Buzz must be and how strong Paul is to have come this far. Though you don't know our family personally, please remember this is a family at SPS that is there if Buzz needs a playdate or ride etc. My son Max was in Mrs Wrights class with him at the start of last year and would love to have him over. we're in the directory if you need us. The Godlewski family

Anonymous said...

Please keep the updates coming. I love seeing pictures of Paul and draw strength and inspiration from the family. Every day I pray for Paul, Patty and Buzz and continue to be impressed with the network of support!!!

Jim Stork

Cassandra said...

Hey Buddy,

It's so good to see you up and attem'!

I can't wait to hug yer neck again. Like the new do!

Giant, Great Big Bear Hugs,


Jason said...

Lookin' good, Paul. Lookin' good. I've got a lot of great new work to show you I think you'll be excited about. We'll try to make it out in one of the next few weekends.