Monday, June 16, 2008

What happened

Saturday, June 14th, at approximately 12:00 noon Paul was riding his bike home going east along Mockingbird Lane in the right-hand toward Buckner when he was hit from behind by a light-weight pick-up truck. He was taken by ambulance to Baylor Medical Center in downtown Dallas. He suffered a severe head injury, three fractured ribs and a punctured right lung. He as been in the ICU and has not yet regained consciousness.   


Rrramone said...

Paul, we are all here for you my man. Sending you all my love.


odd duck said...

Howdy Paul!
This will make a great story you and your family can laugh about during holidays and family gatherings. Actually, it is only a great story if you wake the heck up and tell us what you've been dreaming about! Get to it, man!!!
All my love and strength, Kellye

wines said...

Paul - We all love you!!! You're an awesome father, a great husband, and a wonderful person. I'm honored to have you as my friend. Our prayers are with you, Patty, Buzz and the entire Jerde/Hatfield clan. God is great, and I know he is shining on you.

I can't wait to tell you about the U.S. Open!

Brad, Tiffany, Inna and Misha

toad said...


I've been praying for you since I heard on Sun.

The paradox we speak of so often:
a- this sucks, you/ya'll don't deserve it and it creates such fear in those that love and care about you and your family; b- wakes us up to how much we do love you and how so much more valuable our/my life is because you're in it.

So it's your turn to wake up, now.

Come on Pauly, let's dance!


dick said...

paul-know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. you'll get through this. you have to. people need you.


Crutchfield said...


We love you very much and are keeping you in constant thought and prayer. Heaps of love to you, Patty and Buzz from Austin and parts beyond.

You mean a great deal to us, now wake up.

-Craig, Allison and Campbell Crutchfield

Bea Garcia said...

I am lighting every mexican candle i can find. Lots of prayers from Houston for you and Patty. Get well Jerde... i know you can do it! love, B

Anonymous said...

You’re in our thoughts and prayers, bro. Know that there’s lots of love beaming your way from Austin, and we’ll talk when you wake up.

Christian and Jenn

Anonymous said...

Paul, Patty, Buzz,

Keith and my prayers are with you. I know you've seen a lot of it, but we are getting calls and emails from RSW employees from long ago, vendors, friends. . . Everyone sends their love and prayers.


Katie said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. It has been a long time since my RSW/Dallas days but know my prayers are with you down here in Houston for a speedy recovery.
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and thanksgiving, make your requests known to God." Phillipians 4:6
God Bless,
Katie Sarantakes-Scallan

ellen said...

i know that i have only met you once, but once i heard about what happen, i was sooooo sad!
Once i met you i knew that you we going to be so fun to be around! You were so nice to me and that made me feel so welcome to the family! Every day when i was at the beach with all of you,i looked forward to seeing you and your huge smile, which made my day!

i really hope that you get better!!
-ellen(your second cousin that went to bethany beach with the lange's!)

Anonymous said...

wake up dewd. didn't get to spend enough time with you! I so owe you a beer after this one.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there're too strong to let a little truck slow you down. See you soon.

G Greer

Christine Finnegan said...


The Finnegan family has such profound memories of you as a young man. We want to get to know the man you have become.


Anonymous said...

Paul - You have no idea who I am, but we work as competitors in the same building. Our interests in family, design, and cycling are common between us though. I find myself watching this blog every day... wanting to see some good news. Your reputation precedes you (that's a compliment)... Get out of bed dude. We want very badly to see you win against this challenge! Look forward to meeting you someday in the halls of Landmark soon!


Anonymous said...

Paul, best wishes for a speedy recovery. You are certainly in my thoughts and prayers. There have been times you have plowed over me on the basketball court where I thought I had been hit by a truck and it was all I could do to get my ass off the floor. So now wake your ass up and get back to the courts, I owe you an elbow or two.

P Baldwin

Anonymous said...

Paul, we are thinking and praying for you. People you don't know you, but we heard, and we want you to wake up!


Anonymous said...

I worked with you at RSW and I remember the Christmas parties were always such fun with you there. We all would like you to be the life of the party again.

Buzz is a beautiful child.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hey Patty and Family.
Thinking of you "Down Under" in the land of OZ.
Try this link,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
I have a daughter with an ABI and am on the Board of Brain Injury Assn of Queensland (Australia).
Paul Jerde, Paul Jerde, Paul Jerde.
With love,
Peter Lake
205 Gillett's Ridge Rd.,
Gillett's Ridge,
via Ulmarra. NSW 2462 Australia
02 6644 8334
0428 193 857
07 3425 1888 07 3425 1000
Peter Lake, Proud Stallion.
I create a safe & loving world by modelling healthy masculinity,
& showing acceptance & understanding.
Initiated Eagle Heights Australia,
August 2002.

Jeff said...

Paul wishing you the best recovery from the Austin bike Community! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!


leadershipamerica said...

We have prayers for God to heal your body and keep your family and loved ones close to him.

God's love is awesome and it will support and sustain all that love you.

Becky, Emily and the rest of TPG team.

Anonymous said...

Holly cow!

I have only met Paul a few times and he really makes a great impression on people. When we had our conversations he was always very polite and fun and every time we saw one another he would treat me like a close friend. I have always wanted to work beside him since he is truly great at what he does.

Paul, Get well man the world needs you back in action!

Ryan Whisenhunt

Anonymous said...

I sure hope yo get better but I gotta say this. It is NOT SAFE to ride on any major street in the city. I was struck opnce before by a speeding Mustang because I was foolish enough to ride on the street.

They took the bike trail OFF Mockingbird for a reason and everyone should avoid major streets & highways like the plague....especially anytime near rush hour. It's just not smart...drviers aren't as aware of you as you think they are.

So I plead to all of you....stay off major roads and you'll never have to worry about this again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul, the Listebargers were all very sorry to hear about your accident. However,it sounds like you are on the mend now! We wish you the very best in your recovery. Our thoughts are with you and your family...
Janet Listebarger

Anonymous said...


I've only met you once, but during that brief visit, you made quite an impression on me, a junior AD who was ready for a change. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, so you can inspire others the way you did me.

Sammie said...

that shoud not happend

Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up with you. Think about you every time I get on my bike. Sounds like you have no lost your sense of humor which is great.

Stewart Cohen

Anonymous said...

It was suppose to say not lost your sense of humor as opposed to no.

Anyway Happy Easter

Anonymous said...


Blessings to you from San Diego!

Take time to heal and repair!

Peter McDade
Eagle As Is

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