Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update Thursday June 26 and Two Reminders

Today the doctors took Paul completely off the ventilator and he is breathing on his own with only some oxygen support. If he continues to do well, he will probably be moved out of ICU and into a private room in the next 24-48 hours. He still looks good, is active with movement in his hands and feet, and we continue to wait for him to regain consciousness. Please continue to think of Paul and pray for him to wake up.

Reminder 1: Paul's picnic is tomorrow at White Rock Lake at 6:30 pm. Click here for details. Please attend and support Paul and safe cycling!

Reminder 2: Keep leaving comments, it means a lot to Paul and all of us.

Thank you so much!
The Jerde and Hatfield families


Sarah said...

(yelling from los angeles)


keep those fingers and toes moving!

the pucci's

Dena said...

AWESOME NEWS!!! Patty, have you tried having him smell a Starbucks coffee yet? I thought that was a great idea. :-) Keep up the great work, Paul, and stay strong. Dena

WWS said...

Wow! Very shocking news. I just found out today.
I interviewed with Paul when I first moved to Dallas in 2003. He made an immediate impression with me and I kept in touch with him on and off ever since.

Keep progressing Paul!

Thoughts and prayers to the families...

Ward Starrett, Targetbase

Kristine said...


I wish I could be there to hug you and do a little happy dance! This is such wonderful news and I know you are so grateful! Praise God!

Paul, I am thrilled to hear you are coming back to us (as I have been confident you would) slowly but with conviction. Please continue to find your strength and then wake up and show us your beautiful eyes and your amazing smile.


Ben Harwell said...

Come on Paul you can do it! Sounds like you are getting stronger everyday, that is so encouraging.

-Ben Harwell

Debbie Murry said...

Hi Paul! My daughters and I just met you and your family in Newton, KS in May, but have known your brother, James, for many years. We were all checking out the Senior All Night Party decorations last month, and enjoying the big inflatable slide. Sure was fun, wasn't it! Even for us big kids. You have been in my thoughts and prayers every day since I heard about your accident. So glad to hear you are making progress. I check the blog every day to find out how you're doing. Can't wait for the day you wake up!

Stay strong and wake up soon.

Debbie, Jaylen & Jaymie Murry

anniedingo said...

Paul,Patty,Mom, sisters and brother and all of you wonderful family!

it was good visiting with each of you again last saturday and and i am in awe of your strength. you lift me up. just want you all to know all of you are in my thoughts and prayers daily and i know without a shadow of a doubt our Paul is healing and resting so when he sees all of us he will be ready. god is miraculous and i believe that when two or more are gathered togetherd ALL things are possible! Keep on keeping on paul my friend!


tina smith

Molly said...

Great news! We continue to pray and will do so from Colorado. Hope tomorrow goes well, we are sorry to miss.


Eric and Sheryl Kolb said...

Hi Patty and Paul and Buzz,

We've been praying for you ... prayers of thanksgiving for positive progress and for your loving family and friends, and continued prayers for complete healing. And we've spread the word to a bunch of our friends who love to pray. Just think, everyone you know is praying for you ... plus a bunch of people you don't even know!

Buzz is so sweet. I've been thinking about him as I help with the 5 and 6-year-olds at our church. And tonight Sheryl and I are babysitting for a 5-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl. (Their parents might be slightly crazy to leave them with us.) One time when we were watching these kids about a year ago, I told them about Bunches, the cat my family had when I was growing up. Unfortunately, Bunches was kind of a crazy and mean cat, and the kids got all scared, and now when they see me they still ask about the mean cat. (Don't tell Buzz you got a message from the giant black cat!)

Anyway, we know how fun that age is (at least most of the time). So, Paul ... nap time is almost over ... then it's time to get up and play!

Chris Hanchey said...

I just heard the news of what happened and was taken by surprise. Wow, it's hard to believe. But after reading through the blog it sure sounds like progress all around. Keep it up!

Paul has always been a great influence on me personally while we in school together (showed me how to navigate the instructors better) and later professionally (set a great example of consistency). Over the years, we always had a great rapport and seemed to always pick up where we left off. Just knowing he was out there "being Paul" pushed me harder creatively.

Paul, keep peddling. You are almost there. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Your friend,


design08 said...

Hey Paul,

Great news on the progress! Keep pushin’ it dude.
It was really a shock to hear about the accident. Especially since I was just asking someone about you on the Thursday before that weekend. You just need to know that you are going to make it.

Then your legend will only grow.

You just need some kind of sidekick, like Babe the Blue Ox. Maybe Jake the Purple Manatee?

You’re in my thoughts. Keep it up.

Chuck Hodges, Benoit Design
UNT ’95

Anonymous said...

Paul, Patty,

I can't make the picnic tonight, but I'll be starting the really, really tacky crocheted bed socks this weekend!

We at RSW keep you in our prayers.


TommyB said...

Great news that you might be getting your own room. Praying that now you WAKE UP Paul and move back home. Patty and Buzz, I hope to get to meet you at the picnic.


Jason said...


I've got some concepts to run by you regarding our PRO-Cycling campaign for your picnic. Tell you what, I'll comp them up for tonight and if you think the message isn't strong enough, we can work on them together.

Can't wait to hear about all those crazy dreams you must be having. Wake up soon, we all miss you (and Starbucks does too).

dj said...

Hey Paul,

The crew at InterLegis is still thinking about you, and I'm on this blog several times a day to see what's happening. It's great to hear about your improvements!

One of our own, Jeff, was recently injured as well. A woman failed to yield and she hit his motorcycle last Saturday night. He's been in the ICU for a while too... I think his leg got busted up pretty badly, but he's OK and we're all just waiting for him to come back -- much like everyone is waiting for you. :) So get on up!

-- DJ at InterLegis

Anonymous said...

Dear Jerdes,
Our prayers are with you! Pope Benedict XVI has declared the Year of St. Paul to begin tomorrow evening, June 28 and conclude June 29, 2009. The universal Church will be invoking St. Paul's intercession. May St. Paul, YOUR Paul's patron saint pray for his well being as well. God Bless! Karen Wehage LeMense

Wolf Daddy said...

I'm still praying for you Paul. Will you wake up, already? I know it's a matter of time, but now is a good time. The people in your life that love you, and there are many of us, are ready to hear your voice again.

Sarah said...

Reading all the posts about Paul's love of coffee, made me remember how we seemed to be on the same coffee drinking schedule when we worked at RSW together. I think Paul loved the stuff more than me, and that says alot! Man, I am sending you a Starbucks gift card the minute you wake.

The Pucci's

Ben said...

I hope Paul recovers soon!

In July of 2003, I was hit on the Mockingbird Bridge in the same lane as Paul. Back then, it was a dedicated bike lane but a driver(also in a pickup) missed the stripes/bumpers and warning signs and hit me from behind. My bike ended up flying over the guard rail into the lake some 30 feet below(bike was never recovered). I ended up near the median. I ended up with injuries exactly like Paul. Broken ribs, punctured lung, head injury. My head injury was not too severe and I was up walking around a few days later.

A similar wreck happened a couple months ago in Dallas to CBS golf analyst David Feherty. Almost identical injuries in that case too. He was hit by an irrigation truck.

The shore around White Rock Lake is covered with little momentos left by families who have lost a loved one at the lake. At the base of the hill where you guys are holding your picnic, across from the little yacht club, you might see a small clump of sunflowers and a potted plant or two just up the hill from the ditch on the north side of the road. That is where Richard Sartain was killed one May evening in 2006 by a drunk driver.

Anonymous said...

The news sounds encouraging. I continue to pray for Paul to regain consciouness and for continued healing.

Wendy Virtue said...


Wake up, wake up, wake up! We all need to hear your happy voice and see your smiling face!

My prayers are continuing for you and Patty and Buzz!


Anonymous said...

I've been friends with Paul since going to art school with him at UNT in 1989-1991. He is a one-of-a-kind, funny, creative and very talented person. He has been a supporter of my art both as a fine artist and as I transitioned to a graphic design career. His enthusiasm and well wishes have really helped me and pushed me to make changes. I now wish him well and know he will get better soon. Paul's old college friends Monika and Terri also say hello!

I want to be the first to buy him a beer when he is awake and well, so email me Paul when you are able to read this.

Kelly Pierce
Denver, Colorado

John G said...

Paul, it is time to rise and
shine-on. You can do it man!!

We are sending you all our love and strenght! 24/7.......

fellowcyclist said...

Keep getting better Paul!

Anonymous said...

Dear Buzz,
You don't know us, but your Aunt Kathy has told us all about you! We are thinking of you and hoping your daddy gets better really soon! Love Jack & Ryan McEvers - Plymouth, MI

let80403 said...

Paul: I (and all the Pinks) have been thinking about you non-stop since we heard. Know that we are praying for you constantly. I personally have usurped Alex's "Dude... Come on." as my mantra...

That's where all those voices in your head are coming from.

Laura (Pink) Rintala

Anonymous said...

Signs are all over the bridge! OPEN (Eye)S! We are praying for you every day, Paul. -Susan and Kate Langley

Rrramone said...

Paul, my brother, you wouldn't believe the picnic today and all the freaking posters and signs on the bridge. It is amazing. Some of them are huge! I made one that said Jerdeco. I knew you would want that. :-) Love you man, and can't wait to talk to you about it. So many people love you and care about you.

Wake up soon, White Buffalo.


Brad said...


Glad I made it to your picnic! It was pretty amazing.

Ate at a funky dive Chinese restaurant today (you'd love it).

My fortune said... “Place special emphasis on old friendships.”

How true!!!


PS – Our lucky numbers are 3, 14, 22, 28, 32, 37...

Maddio said...

Paul, We don't know you, but our thoughts are with you daily. We are praying for your continued progress- you're making great strides! You are surrounded by so many loving friends and family- I know their support will bring you a speedy recovery. Stay Strong.

-Maddie & Chad
7 in 7. End the madness!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, it's David from Good Eats again. Wanting to say hi and letting you know that everyonce in a while I look up and say it's time for Paul to wake up!!!!!!! Think of Patty and Paul often and can't wait to see you guys come in for a bite again!! Take care.

Bobo Cat said...

Glad for Paul's improvement!

I did a good wishes illustration for Paul here.

Tim Vanderburg said...


You gotta get up because "It's THE DALLAS WAY, BABY!!! This is DALLAS!"

(comedy gold from you and Craig Crutchfield)

Still thinking and praying for you. I was in New York this week and was thinking how you would've found a way to have 10 times more fun than I did.

Heather said...

I don't know Paul but I found his website and I have been following his progress. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your family. And I check the website almost daily anticipating when he opens his eyes! I know it will be soon!


Tambelina5ft0 said...


Holy moly, the picnic was so awesome!

The turnout... the signs... everything! I teared up (imagine that) after everything was put up and walked along the bridge, reading each one. So cool...

Can't wait for you to wake up so we can share some laughs and for old time's sake, maybe even some tears!

Lots of love...!
Tammy Schriewer

Anonymous said...

hey big brother!! tomorrow its your birthday, i will be making a wish that on your day you will open your beautiful eyes!! bill sends his love!! i miss you lots and love you lots!! love,mary

Anonymous said...

Don't know you well but have been following your progress and story.
You and Patty coached my son Quinn the first year he ever played soccer.
You and Patty are in my thoughts constantly. I am looking forward to reading your blog the day that Patty writes you are completely awake. Keep fighting!
Donna Rainey