Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wed June 18 - Requesting no visitors today

To all the wonderful friends and colleagues of Paul, today is a day of important doctor visits and the family is going to be in with Paul most if not all of today. Please continue to send your love and support and we'll keep you posted on Paul's status. Thanks so much for all you've done and for all the love you've shown for Paul.

The Jerde and Hatfield families


pete said...

we will be there with you in spirit...

Gary said...

Thank you, families, for asking for what you need and want in the way of support. My prayers are with you.


John Bacon said...

Comtinued blessings and massive energy going out to Paul and his families. As always, whatever we can do to help.


Sarah said...

Sending positive healing thoughts and recovery to Paul!


jon toney said...

you're in our hearts and minds buddy.

- jon

TommyB said...

We are continuing to pray for full recovery and for grace and peace for your family. I am thinking of you all often. Tommy from spin class

Anonymous said...

Paul -

Tomorrow is Thursday, and from what you told me, it's very important to make these Thursday meetings! You better be there or you're going to have to eat those words!! haha

Now, about you getting into shape. It's quite obvious that basketball and bike riding aren't your about yoga or pilates next time??

Get well soon, God bless you and keep you.


hal said...

Paul - get well soon. From a fellow rider of the streets of Dallas. God be with you and your family in this struggle.

Derek said...

Our family is thinking about Paul, Buzz, and you. We are sending positive thoughts and are here if you need anything.
Jenn McEachern

a-townblog said...


We are praying for you, for Paul, for Buzz. We think of you constantly.

Ty & Amy Anderson

Molly said...

You are all in our constant thoughts and prayers.