Friday, June 20, 2008

Picnic for Paul Friday June 27

Save the date! On June 27 at 6:30ish pm we'll be having a picnic at White Rock Lake to honor Paul and to heighten awareness for bicycle safety. Details are still being worked out but save the date and check back for more information.

Thanks for all your support!
Holly Mason and Samantha Reitmayer


Audrey Harrell said...

To be read to Paul:

Hey Paul, this is Audrey. I came up the other day to find you fast asleep, most likely dreaming about Buzz and your beautiful wife who is standing by your side at this very moment.

Remember when we bumped into each other on the street the other day? You were so focused on something that you didn't notice that weird girl walking right next to you until I had to slap you on your arm and say "HELLO-OO!!". I recall you looked handsome as usual. All dressed up in a suit...that you quickly pointed out did not match and was the only thing left in your closet.

Typical. Typical Paul to be totally not matching and still look sharp. Haha. I guess all that was lacking was your pink shirt. Ah, the pink shirt, your trademark.

So Paul, did you know that we are all praying for you? Yep. You've got angels encamped around you right at this moment. Luckily, they are undetectable, so they can stay after visiting hours. Sneaky.

Did you know that Willie has capitalized on a new blog for you? Leave it to Willie to take every chance to create a new blog. But seriously, I think your blog might be monopolizing cyber-space. Did you know even people in Argentina are praying for you? I'm not surprised. You have a way of making friends wherever you go.

I remember the first time we met. I liked you immediately. You said, "Audrey, Nice to meet you. Looking forward to working with you.", and from then on, I found that it was the other way around. I always looked forward to your "good morning" as you walked through the door at MasonBaronet. Remember that one time when I accidentally forgot to unlock the front door? You were GOING to say good morning, but got rudely and abruptly interrupted as you hit the door with a smack! We had a nice little chuckle, and from then on, you were a bit more tentative with your entry to work in the morning. Either way, you always made a day at the office fun.

Did you know that a bunch of us are going to get together for a picnic next Friday? We're going to celebrate you and strategize on ways to make you wake up so you can join the fun. Hopefully you'll wake up before then so you can design the t-shirt for the event.

We all love you so much Paul! Wake up soon! We know you are waiting for just the right moment to open your eyes, yawn, and greet us all with a big smile and say "Good Morning".

-Catchya later

p.s. Patty and Buzz, we love you so much. Praying for you when we wake up, when we are driving around in the car, when we eat lunch, and when we go to bed. Remember that the Lord is powerful enough to calm the seas, to heal the sick, and do more than you ever could imagine.

Laura said...


I was thinking about the first y-guides caravan that left from our house. Everyone was so excited! Buzz was walking around the yard, investigating who would be going on this great adventure. You and I visited a bit in the front yard while the final preparations were made. I think it took another 20 minutes to get the boys back in their cars!! I know you all had a great time!!

Please know that we are praying for you all the time. Patty and Buzz, you, too, are in our thoughts and prayers! Be strong and courageous!

Fondly, Laura Spangler