Sunday, June 29, 2008

Paul moved to private room

Fyi, Paul has been moved to room 1103 on the 11th floor in the same building he's been in.

In other news, Paul turns 44 tomorrow!! Please send him some happy birthday wishes.

Thanks and blessings to all of you.


micki Lacker said...

It was so great to see Paul's family and friends at the Park on Friday. The Hatfields and the Jerde's are amazing people. Love prevails.

There was a colorful checkered blanket left behind at the Park and we are storing it till someone claims it, call 214-748-7488.

Micki went by the bridge the next day and saw the city workers taking down the signs and rescued some of them to give to the family. Pete has some photos to share of the group as well.

We love you Patty, Paul, Buzz, and all the family we have met. What strong, kind, and wonderful people. We are blessed to know you and can't wait for the next party that Paul attends.

Hugs and love, Micki and Pete Lacker

Lucinda said...


Happy birthday! Please open your eyes on your very speacial day. It would be a birthday wish come true for all of us.

We continue to keep you in our prayers. I literally pray for you every spare moment that I have. You are loved by many and we are all waiting for you to wake up.

We love you Patty, Paul, Buzz, Hatfields, and Jerdes.

Lucinda and family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear White Buffalo
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Love you, brave dude. I recommend you change your animal name to White Bull when you get back to your normal, strong self again. You are a super fighter and I know it will take a lot more than this to bring a man like you down.

Love and blessings, bro.

Kelly Mc said...

good to hear you are improving paul! keep it up and happy 44th birthday! -kelly mccullough

Tammy said...

Paul -

Sending birthday wishes your way as you turn 44! Not a bad number, after all 40 something is the new 30 something you know!

Patty, thinking of you daily and so glad to hear that Paul is making progress by moving to a private room.

I check the blog daily and know soon that I will read that Paul is awake and back with us.

You have a wonderful, strong network of family and frieds as evidenced by the many comments on this blog. We are all pulling for you!


Gary said...

One step at a time, my friend.
Today, it's private room and breathing on your own. Tomorrow, the possibilities are endless.



Anonymous said...

HI Paul,
Happy 44th Birthday. Wake up and make it truely a happy day! So many of your friends are wishing for you the best possible scenerio, that you wake up and start communicating with family and friends.

I check this blog daily and am so happy to hear that you are getting stronger, healing and breathing on your own.

I will continue to pray for a complete recovery back to your normal inteligent, and healthy self.

Love to you and all your family.

Helen Wehry

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Paul, please wake up and celebrate your big day with all of us, including strangers like me!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!!!!!! Wish you the best!!!!! David from Good Eats!!

anniedingo said...

Happy happy birthday Paul and just know you are loved by many! What a better day than today to wake up and surprise us all!

Patty , continue to have that patience that is so hard to have and know you are in my thoughts and pryers daily. it was good visiting with you friday and i am glad you all have moved! now you dont have to claim your corner in the hall! see you soon and God bless .

tina smith

Jason said...

Happy Birthday, Paul!

We're looking forward to your return and thinking about you everyday.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday big fella! i'll be thinking of you today.

blafleur said...

Happy Birthday Paul!
Brandi and Todd

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

I am a stranger who is praying that for your birthday God would wake you up and that He would continue to heal you, strengthen you, and love on you and your beautiful family.

Found your blog through my church's prayer site (watermark community church).

Art said...

I was out of town, so I could not attend the picnic. But' Hey..Paul--I called Sam to check on it and i just looked at the blog. I am so glad it was so huge! I got to play some golf with my son in Phoenix (never mind it was only 115)-we had a lot of fun. I told him about you--he now has yo on his prayer list. I know you'll be waking up soon, and I'll try annd remember to tell you about Rocco and Tiger. Wake up soon--we need to play some golf.


Art said...

44? I wish I was 44.....
today I know will be a happy day....
wake up and enjoy it


TommyB said...

Happy Birthday! It's time to wake up and see all the love you have gotten. You missed a great picnic and seeing all your posters on the bridge.

We miss you at spin. I need someone there who can sweat as much as me.

Enough sleeping wakie wakie!

Louis said...

Happy Birthday. We wish you the greatest birthday of your life.

Peace and Love

Lou, Mary, Bill, Tom

John G said...

Happy Birthday Paul! You would have been totally amazed at the signs Friday night. I drove by early Saturday before they started taking them down and it was awesome! Give us all a gift and wake up on your B-day, it would be a great way to celebrate your day!

Jonathan said...

Happy birthday, Brother!

Jonathan Tate
Golden Cheetah

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Paul. I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and praying for you to open your eyes very soon. You are loved and thought of.
-Candice (concerned cyclist)

trixi said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!! Can't wait till your up and around to celebrate proper - with a spanking! : )


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 44th Paul Jerde !!!

Wake it on up NOW ~

We are all waiting to have a wonderful celebration with you!

Love~ Calvert's

Alexa said...

Dearest Paul (and Patty and Buzz, too!),

A big happy birthday to ya OLD MAN!

It’s your friend Alexa here with a big hello from the Croft family in Denver.

In the words of our little ones it sounds like you’re recovering from a mighty big owie! Wish I had a BandAid to make it instantly better. News traveled slowly to Denver, but I am so thankful that it did. Funny thing, you and Patty were in my thoughts the other day, and now I know why.

So since Saturday, you all have been on my mind and in my conversations with God. Just was thinking that you’ve got yourself one incredibly strong and amazing lady (what a great wedding picture that is posted on the blog –– how old were you, anyway? Seventeen?). And little Buzz is a big Buzz now (wait, was he ever LITTLE : )? What a looker! And those toe-head blonde curls! Wow! He sure has changed since those couple of times we went over to visit him at the day care across from RSW. You must be one proooouuuuddd papa!

Now, if you’d like the ho-hum details of our life, wiggle a toe.

[reader if he wiggled it, read on. If not, read on anyway]

Last April we bolted out of SoCal. It was a nice stay, but we were happy to blow that pop stand. We’re comfortably settled 10 miles south of Denver. We’ve added one more to the family. Miles was born last September. Needless to say, our hands are very full. My days seem very full. Changing diapers, deciphering the words of my 2-year olds’ vocabulary, giving lots of hugs, then the next minute pulling my hair out. Oh, but what a joy it is. These kids teach us so much about ourselves. Brent is still working for BECK. I am down to one client which is about all I can manage at the moment. We’re headed to Indiana this week for the 4th to visit Brent’s family (don’t you or Patty have ties there?). So, as you can see, we’re just living life … nothing too exciting right now. Just watching the boys grow and being the best parents we can be.

So that’s the update. Am so glad we have a way to keep updated on your progress, too. Just know that as you rest and get better and that brilliant mind of your heals up –– and is ready to wake up –– we’ll be here.

Lots and lots of love,
The Croft Family

The Tart said...

Hey Paul,

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

44 years old ... Lucky 44! Can't wait for you to open your eyes & celebrate your birthday. I see a big cake with the lucky 44 lit up on top.

Big hug to all your family & friends ... I know they are looking forward celebrating this day with you.

White Buffalos rule, dude!!!

Frosting smooches,
The Tart
; *

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday big guy! I am right behind you, with mine in September!!! Lots of people looking out for you!!

The Pucci Clan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paul! Wake up soon so we can celebrate. You continue to be constantly in our thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Paul! 44, is that all?!

Your old buddies from Denton, Fineline, art classes, well we're thinking about you and wishing and praying daily for your eyes to open!

It's been so many years back in school when you were that young bushy haired chipper trying to figure out what you were going to do with yourself. Now you're a hot shot in the Dallas design scene! You rock dude, and everyone is so proud of you.

Many blessings to you, your lovely wife and family, and your adorable little Buzz.

--Lori Walls

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paul! What a great gift it would be to open up your eyes today on your bday!

Patty: Im still thinking of you. I hope you have had a chance to get some rest. You are a strong woman, I admire you. Luv ya!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday PJ! Keep up the good work. We're thinking about you daily!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY blink blink
HAPPY BIRTHDAY blink blink
Happy Birthday... show your eyeballs... Happy Birthday to you. ***CERTIFICATE GOOD FOR ONE OF MY FAMOUS CAKES*** :o) Susan Langley

Stephanie Linder said...

Happy Birthday Paul!!

Michael and Maddox are praying DAILY that Buzz's daddy will feel better soon! He has to make it on the next Indian Guides camp out with Buzz you know!!


The Linder Family
Phillip, Stephanie, Maddox, Michael, & Margo

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Wake up, it's time for cake!! And who doesn't love cake?

Rrramone said...

Happy Birthday Paul! You looked good today, maybe you could tell that I'm impatient to hear the answers to the birthday questions. Some things never change. Loving you my brother.


Tambelina5ft0 said...

Happy Birthday PJ!

We love you very much and can't wait to celebrate this one with you!!

When you awake, I will deliver a special birthday cupcake.. yummy!!

Miss you dude!...
Tammy Schriewer

David C. said...

Happy Birthday Pablo! We will play golf next year on this day! You better get to practicing!