Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update Saturday June 28

First of all, the picnic was a huge success and we'll be posting more on that and many more pictures once we collect them all. Thanks to ALL of you for sending your love and for the very creative posters! The bridge looked incredible after they were all up. :-) So check back for more details. Thanks to Samantha and Holly for organizing this wonderful event.

Today Paul is in a holding room (still in ICU but in a different area) waiting for a private room on another floor in the hospital. This is because he's been breathing on his own for over 48 hours, which is great. We'll keep you posted on his location. He continues to be stable, and moving his hands and feet at times. Keep sending your love and prayers for him to regain consciousness soon. Your love is helping us all.

Today on the channel 5 news they did a short story on bicycle safety at White Rock Lake, and as part of the story they talked about Paul. They showed a great photo of him, talked about the picnic, and Paul's sister-in-law, Katie, was interviewed and did a great job of sharing the story and expressing that increased bicycle safety might prevent other families from having to go through this.

Again, we can't thank you all enough for all you're doing to support Paul and our families. Blessings to all of you.

The Jerde and Hatfield families


Jeff said...

What a wonderful tribute to Paul and what an incredible outpouring of love. I am so sorry that my family couldn't be there to show our support. I'm out of town and showed a friend (who is a doctor in an ER) this website and he was blown away by the amount of support and the number of people that Paul has rooting for him - he said he's never seen anything like it - I think it's a true testament to the number of lives that have been touched in a positive way by Paul...

WAKE UP PAUL! Just look at all of these posters that are awaiting your critique!!

Sending more prayers and positive thoughts your way - Jeff, Alejandra, Alex & Christian Breazeale

Kristine said...

"You're movin' on up, to a deluxe apartment..." Okay, lame and it shows my age! Regardless, you’re still older than me. And on that note, I wanted to wish you a wee bit of an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY (since I’ll be on the high seas) and tell you to WAKE UP and give your loved ones the best gift ever, other than your birth.

I am thrilled to know you are progressing as you are and feel confident is because of your strength, the POWER of PRAYER, and the love your family and friends have for you. When you do wake up, continue to draw on your strength for the repair work that has yet to be done…and for the patience it will take to do the work.

I will do my best to log on while away, regardless of my local, know that I will be thinking of you daily, praying for you daily and hoping that when I return your bright blue eyes will be open.

Much love to you, Patty and Buzz,

Anonymous said...

I have always known the Paul was a real cool guy and that he and Patty make a great couple and that little Buzz just added to the mix but I didn't know that he had so many friends and was loved by so many. The demonstration of this love and support is totally amazing. I am so happy that the Hatfields and Jerde families have all of this support to pull from.

love to all, Bunny

Anonymous said...

OK Paul enough is enough. You should know by now how many people love and care about you. You better wake up soon and let us all know how much you love us too! Plus we need to celebrate your birthday with you! Open those eyes! Love, Wendy and Oliver Cone

Anonymous said...

Paul - I visited you on Friday and I can't tell you how impressed I was with your progress.
You're strength in your grip is getting stronger and stronger!

You still look so healthy and so determined. I know it won't be long until you open those blues~

We can't wait to have you back!!!!

All our love and support~

Calvert Family