Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jerde Cup Pix!!

Click here to see pix from the tournament!

And thanks to all of you who made it such a huge success!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday, Sept. 24 - The Day After the Jerde Cup

The Jerde Cup was yesterday and it was an amazing event. I was there around noon to greet some of the golfers and was completely overwhelmed by how many people participated, how organized the event was and how much Paul's presence was felt throughout. In every group, I saw a part of our lives, whether it was high school friends of mine, college friends of Paul's, friends from Dick's Last Resort (where we met more than 20 years ago), colleagues from my many years at ClubCorp, from RSW Creative (Paul's first job out of college), MasonBaronet (his most recent job) friends of family, and SO MUCH representation from those in the design community. What an extraordinary group of people. As I was chatting with one volunteer about how overwhelmed I was with the organization and generosity of Paul's creative designer friends, he added, "And not only that, designers make sure everything looks great too!" And they did - there were Jerde Cup coffee cups and T-shirts and some incredible drawings and paintings of Paul out on display.

I did not stay for the dinner afterward because I was at Pate with Paul but I told him about the event and I believe he understood, smiled but also got very emotional when he heard about everyone who was there. From what I heard, the dinner afterward was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time. Buzz was there with his cousins and came home with several raffle prizes and a passion for the game of golf. This morning, he was practicing his putting on the front lawn and ended up being late for school. I guess the golf bug runs in the family.

When Paul's accident happened on June 14, we were catapulted to a new life. I feel like our families and our friends were there to catch us, gently place us on the ground, and have helped clear our pathway as much as possible. We are so blessed to have such a large group of friends and family that care so much to take the time and effort to support us. So many people have stepped in and contributed in so many ways - it is a tribute to the human spirit and how kind and caring people can be.

Thank you to all of the organizers of the Jerde Cup, especially John May, John Hampton, Dave Cowling, and Anne Clarrissimeaux and all of the others who helped set it up, the volunteers, those who donated so generously, and to all the players.

I hope those who attended will take the time to post messages on the board about their experience so that I can share the good times had with Paul. And, I know many photos were taken and we'll post them on the blog soon.

Thank you again.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Paul gets a visit from his men's group!

Last Thursday night, Paul was surprised by a visit from his weekly men's group (the New Warriors). We all sat in a circle, got to visit, and Paul seemed to understand what everyone was saying, and we could tell he wanted to be able to speak up more himself. We've missed Paul a lot these last 3 months, and it was great to all be together again. Hopefully we'll do it again before long. Paul had a huge smile, and couldn't get enough of the hugging. Thanks to Francisco, Gary, John, Bruce, Dan, Sandy, Raymond, Ed, Donny and George for being there, and also to Jeff, Shane, Harry and Marc, who were there in spirit. Your love for Paul means a lot!


p.s. (I'm not in the picture cause I took it!) :-)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update Saturday, Sept 20

We've found that, as Paul becomes more aware of what has happened to him and his limitations right now, he can get very frustrated and agitated (and rightly so). The neuropsychologist has told us that this is normal and part of the process. Therefore, I am asking that anyone visiting to keep visits short (15-20 minutes). I know that it is a long drive out to Anna and I am so thankful that everyone has been so concerned and cares enough to visit. These visits seem to make Paul happy but when he can't actively participate in discussions or activities, he often becomes frustrated. Again, please contact me via e-mail ( if you plan to visit and keep the cards and letters coming as well. I am so thankful that we have all of your support and I encourage everyone to continue praying for Paul and giving him the strength that he will need to get through this.


Wednesday, Sept. 17

It is less than a week before the Jerde Cup and I'd like to thank everyone who has signed up to participate, whether as a player, sponsor, or volunteer. I would especially like to thank, in advance, those who have planned the tournament. I know this has been no easy task! I am so touched that so many people are willing to take the time, whether it has been the months of planning or day off work to play (or as in my uncle and aunt's case, flying to Dallas from Baltimore), to support Paul and our family. I don't believe that Paul understands completely right now but I know he will one day and he will be flattered, moved, and most likely envious that he missed out playing a round on Tour 18 with so many friends and family. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday.


A pic of Paul, blue suede shoes and a story from Phil

This is the first picture of Paul we've posted since his accident. It seems appropriate that it would be a celebration of his wedding anniversary, with the following story from Phil Hollenbeck:

When Paul asked me if I'd shoot his wedding, I just wasn't too sure that would be a good idea. I'm not a wedding kinda shooter guy and Paul was in the "business", a young creative on his way up. Did I really want to shoot a designer's wedding? And Paul's so picky. What to do, what to do? Well, when he told me the wedding was going to be at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that sealed the deal. Rehoboth Beach was where I spent some fine summer vacation time with a favorite uncle. We were from Baltimore, a short drive to the beach. Shooting Paul & Patty's wedding would trigger a lot of memories for me. I could visit old haunts, drink Gunther beer while feasting on Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and take a day trip to Tangier Island. It would also afford me an opportunity to visit my mother's grave site in Baltimore. She was killed when I was 11, oddly enough, on September 6th, 1954. So it seemed to me that the stars were in alignment for me to shoot this wedding. So I did.
When I got the news of Paul's accident I was both stunned and horrified. Like many others, I just couldn't believe this news. On my first visits to see Paul in ICU at Baylor, I saw many of Patty & Paul's family. These were people I hadn't seen since the wedding eleven years ago. A few of them said, "I remember you. You were wearing those blue shoes." That's true. Blue suede shoes. Think Elvis. Paul was going into week three at Baylor and I was at my Arkansas getaway in Eureka Springs. Rummaging thru boxes from the recent move I came across, yes!, the blue shoes. A major brain fart went off in my head and I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to make Patty & Paul a wedding anniversary gift using these shoes?" So I did. The frame was found by the side of the road. I spray painted it gloss white. The little girl figure was peeled off my art car and the hearts & little basketballs came from Hobby Lobby. The shoes are glued on with E6000, a glue so strong that it will hold a bad marriage together. The shoes are glued to a collage of contact photos from the wedding.
So, to a couple that I love and admire and to a man who has given so much, Happy 11th Anniversary. I owe you, Paul. You always make me look like I know what I'm doing.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yesterday Paul got a couple of cards in the mail, and he had me read them aloud a couple of times and really looked at them. I could tell it meant a lot to him. Patty mentioned this address in her previous post. If you are willing, put a card in the mail to Paul. A postcard, a short note, anything. I think it would make his day! Here is the address again:

Pate Rehabilitation Brinlee Creek
10057 Country Road 472
Anna, Texas 75409

Many thanks!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, Sept. 8

We got through the weekend, but with no therapy scheduled and still all new faces at Pate, it was a little difficult. I had hoped at Pate that the therapy would continue through some of the weekend because I always feel we build up momentum during the week and then lose it with two days off. Unfortunately, the staff feels that weekends are family time - not to say that is bad! - I just want Paul to stay challenged constantly and think he gets bored (even though we try to stay busy). 

It is wonderful that Paul is really more aware of what is going on but I also think he is slowly realizing what has happened and what it means. He is trying more to communicate and using words more often but also gets frustrated when he is trying to tell us something and it is not coming out right. As hard as it is, we all know that it is a good thing because it means he continues to progress and I keep telling him that this is all temporary and his next stop will be home. 

The other day, we went through the "Get Well Paul" sign-in book we have for visitors and I talked about everyone who has shown up and offered support and help. He seemed really surprised and, I could tell by his facial expressions, touched yet also pleased with himself. He has always claimed to hate being in the spotlight but secretly loves it. I am also going to start from Day 1 and read him all the blog messages.

I am excited for things to really get started at Pate, for Paul to get into a routing and to get more comfortable in his surroundings. I ask that anyone planning to visit should do so after 4:00 during the week and anytime on weekends but that you contact me ahead of time to ensure that he is up for visits or not busy eating dinner or working. Please e-mail me at

Also, anyone wanting to send mail to Paul, the address is:
Pate Rehabilitation Brinlee Creek
10057 Country Road 472
Anna, Texas 75409

Thank you for your support and for being a part of this journey with us.


Some new (old) pics of Paul in the sidebar

Here's one of the new pics, courtesy of Tom Hair, the first person to hire Paul as an intern in graphic design. And no jokes about Patty having a bad hair day. :-)

There are a few others in the sidebar. Thanks Tom!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday, Sept. 6

Paul is now getting settled at Pate and I would be lying if I said the transition has been easy for either me or Paul. I think traveling to the new environment and being around all new people has been confusing for Paul and, seeing that, has been hard for me. There are two housing areas at Pate, one for more independent patients and another for those that are not self-sufficient and need round-the-clock care, which is where Paul is right now. There are several patients there in far worse condition than Paul, which reminds me of how thankful I am for Paul's progress but is also hard to see. I also know that Paul will continue to progress and it will only be a matter of time until he moves to "Hilltop," the housing area for more independent patients, but it may be awhile. Meanwhile, we are getting acclimated and tonight I plan on staying overnight with Paul (Buzz is at his cousin's house) and we'll celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary.

This weekend, I think it is best if Paul's visitors are just family and close friends. Please call me ahead of time if you plan on making the trek to Anna.

Please keep praying for Paul's recovery. Your prayers have really made a difference!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept. 4 - Paul Moves to Pate Rehab in Anna, Texas

Paul is being moved today to Pate Rehabilitation, a residential treatment center located on a 96-acre ranch in Anna, Texas (which is located about 35 miles north of Dallas). At Pate, the treatment program focuses on transitioning traumatic brain injury patients back into their everyday lives. In other words, Paul will be spending more than six full hours a day (as opposed to three) doing the same type of therapy he was doing at Baylor so that he can eventually come home. However, Pate takes the rehab situation a step further and allows the patient more time to begin acclimating to everyday life. As sad as we are to leave Baylor, we've been assured by the staff that Paul will benefit from moving on to Pate, where he will actually be working much harder.

We are not sure of how long his stay at Pate will be, but most likely it will be more than a month, if not several months. As long as Paul continues to progress, I don't care how long it takes. He got off to a slow start when he first arrived at Baylor Rehab, but his progress these past 10 days or so seems to have surprised the staff. I believe that now it is just a matter of time and hard work on Paul's part (something he already has embraced now that he can) before he begins to overcome the apraxia. I don't expect him to be chatting up a storm or strolling across a room any time soon, but I am very hopeful that he will in time. He continues to get stronger physically and he also has been saying more words, however it still very difficult for him.

Although Pate is quite a distance from Dallas, it is located on a beautiful, scenic and serene ranch. There is a lot of wide open space and a large rec center for visitors that includes a big-screen TV, couch, pool table, air hockey, fooseball, and popcorn maker. All of which is much more compatible to visits by a hyperactive 6 year old than a hospital setting where many of the patients are elderly and learning to walk after surgery. Aside from Pate being a good thing for Paul, I am sure that my blood pressure will go down during visits with Buzz and I know that Buzz will have more fun.

Once Paul gets settled, I'll let everyone know his schedule and the best visiting hours.

Thank you, everyone, again!
Love, Patty