Monday, September 22, 2008

Paul gets a visit from his men's group!

Last Thursday night, Paul was surprised by a visit from his weekly men's group (the New Warriors). We all sat in a circle, got to visit, and Paul seemed to understand what everyone was saying, and we could tell he wanted to be able to speak up more himself. We've missed Paul a lot these last 3 months, and it was great to all be together again. Hopefully we'll do it again before long. Paul had a huge smile, and couldn't get enough of the hugging. Thanks to Francisco, Gary, John, Bruce, Dan, Sandy, Raymond, Ed, Donny and George for being there, and also to Jeff, Shane, Harry and Marc, who were there in spirit. Your love for Paul means a lot!


p.s. (I'm not in the picture cause I took it!) :-)



Sarah said...

What a great picture! Paul's smile is awesome! So glad the group visit was such a happy event.

Take care,
Sarah Pucci and family

Michael Newhouse said...

I wish I could have been there... last time I saw Paul was in iGroup. Thanks for the photos.

Dfish said...

keeping you in my daily prayers, Paul. i'm glad those men hanging around...


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