Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update Saturday, Sept 20

We've found that, as Paul becomes more aware of what has happened to him and his limitations right now, he can get very frustrated and agitated (and rightly so). The neuropsychologist has told us that this is normal and part of the process. Therefore, I am asking that anyone visiting to keep visits short (15-20 minutes). I know that it is a long drive out to Anna and I am so thankful that everyone has been so concerned and cares enough to visit. These visits seem to make Paul happy but when he can't actively participate in discussions or activities, he often becomes frustrated. Again, please contact me via e-mail (patty.jerde@yahoo.com) if you plan to visit and keep the cards and letters coming as well. I am so thankful that we have all of your support and I encourage everyone to continue praying for Paul and giving him the strength that he will need to get through this.



Anonymous said...

Paul- We are so proud of you and all the progress you have made! It is wonderful to see your smile and hear your funny, contagious laugh! You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Davis can't wait to see you again. Patty...as always..your my hero.
With much love,
John, Theresa, Davis and Linus Leatherwood

b said...

David Feherty wrote a good article for next month's D Magazine. Entitled "David Feherty Got Hit by a Truck and Lived to Tell About It"


If you have been through a wreck like this then some parts of the article are very funny. He was hit near Park & Greenville.

Being smushed is no fun! I was hit last fall and know alot of what you guys are going through.

I think of Paul often whenever I'm riding near the dog park at the lake.

There are alot of people who you don't even know that are wishing the best for you. Your accident really sent a shockwave through the Dallas cycling community. I think almost everyone has heard about your story. A hard way to become famous!

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