Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept. 4 - Paul Moves to Pate Rehab in Anna, Texas

Paul is being moved today to Pate Rehabilitation, a residential treatment center located on a 96-acre ranch in Anna, Texas (which is located about 35 miles north of Dallas). At Pate, the treatment program focuses on transitioning traumatic brain injury patients back into their everyday lives. In other words, Paul will be spending more than six full hours a day (as opposed to three) doing the same type of therapy he was doing at Baylor so that he can eventually come home. However, Pate takes the rehab situation a step further and allows the patient more time to begin acclimating to everyday life. As sad as we are to leave Baylor, we've been assured by the staff that Paul will benefit from moving on to Pate, where he will actually be working much harder.

We are not sure of how long his stay at Pate will be, but most likely it will be more than a month, if not several months. As long as Paul continues to progress, I don't care how long it takes. He got off to a slow start when he first arrived at Baylor Rehab, but his progress these past 10 days or so seems to have surprised the staff. I believe that now it is just a matter of time and hard work on Paul's part (something he already has embraced now that he can) before he begins to overcome the apraxia. I don't expect him to be chatting up a storm or strolling across a room any time soon, but I am very hopeful that he will in time. He continues to get stronger physically and he also has been saying more words, however it still very difficult for him.

Although Pate is quite a distance from Dallas, it is located on a beautiful, scenic and serene ranch. There is a lot of wide open space and a large rec center for visitors that includes a big-screen TV, couch, pool table, air hockey, fooseball, and popcorn maker. All of which is much more compatible to visits by a hyperactive 6 year old than a hospital setting where many of the patients are elderly and learning to walk after surgery. Aside from Pate being a good thing for Paul, I am sure that my blood pressure will go down during visits with Buzz and I know that Buzz will have more fun.

Once Paul gets settled, I'll let everyone know his schedule and the best visiting hours.

Thank you, everyone, again!
Love, Patty


Kristine said...

This is wonderful news! When I saw Paul last Friday, I got a hug and answers to my questions. With the move to Pate I'm sure the hugs and answers, with a few questions thrown in, will be more plentiful.

Love to you all,

Jeff said...


We're so glad to hear about Paul's progress. I can't tell you how amazed my wife and I are at your strength - you are amazing and Paul is blessed to have you by his side. Thank you so much for keeping this fantastic blog, I check it every day and think about you, Paul and Buzz. Keep it up and stay strong, you've come so far, and we're all certain that Paul's great progress has everything to do with your love and support, and of course his great spirit and love of life. Good luck with the move!

Jeff Breazeale / The Matchbox Studio

Sarah said...

I found the website to Pate and it is a wonderful facility! Paul's progress is wonderful and with Pate, he is going to continue to make great progress. Thank you for keeping all of us who love Paul up-to-date!

Sarah, John, Michael and Henry Pucci

annie said...

Sweet. Paul's going to a dude ranch. Watch out for them cowboys up there yonder in Oklahoma.

:) Keep up the good work, Paul. We're all amazed at what you're doing.

Anonymous said...


I ran across Paul's page on the DSVC website and have been drawn into your lives for several reasons.

My Mom suffered from a brain aneurysm 4 years ago and although Paul's situation is completely different, in many ways their recover is/was the same.

I've wanted to leave a comment for weeks, but today I decided I needed to. My Mom was placed in Pate (in Irving though) for several months. It's a super facility for people with head injuries ... a bit intimating to leave your loved one there, but overall the thing that got her home to us faster.

I can't wait for the day you write Pauls' Home! and am just touched by the support the design community has embraced you with. Paul must truly be an great guy and I plan to keep reading until he writes on here that he's shutting it down!


Dfish said...

i like the kind of space i imagine at pate. i pray the new environment will be doubly helpful for Paul...