Friday, August 29, 2008

Patty's going to kill me

But when you have retro photos of this caliber you gotta post 'em, right?

Get well soon, Paul, and you can help prevent pictures like this from being shared in the future. :-)

Your pal,


Anne said...

Willie! You have made some of Patty's friends from Private Clubs so incredibly happy by posting these pics! We've always figured Paul was a legend, amd now we get to see that he really is!!!

:) What great Friday Fun!

virginia o. said...

Wow! I was there with Paul and Patty in those days at Dick's and it brings back a lot of memories. Life was so much simpler then. Though we both went into the same field, Paul success is legendary! I have always been proud that I know him! My heart goes out to his family. Patty is so brave and it is remarkable to see what an amazing wife and mother she has become! Please don't give up the faith, he will be back better and stronger than ever! Godspeed!

Jason said...

I can't believe it's the same person; and yet, somehow, I can.

These pics are amazing! Thanks, Willie.

Paul will be back to his same 'ole self once again someday, and I'm excited to hear more of his stories from back in the day. He always loved regaling the team with stories from the glory days.

Anonymous said...

paul looked SO good last night, he did a perfect "LACKER!" i crawled right in and gave him a big bear hug!
sorry i missed you, my next visit will be in the new place. paul will do really well there too.
take care,

wines said...

Ha! I remember those glasses! That's one of my first memories of you. Thanks for the post.

rzdesign said...

In the top photo of Paul, he looks a little like Willie!