Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update - Wednesday, August 27

Today is Buzz's birthday so we'll be celebrating tonight as a family at the hospital. I'd like to request that Paul get no visitors tonight.

In other news, yesterday was pet therapy day at the rehab center. Dogs are brought in to interact with the patients. Although I wouldn't say that Paul is a dog person, he really seemed to connect with a couple of the dogs, feeding them treats. The therapist even got Paul to throw a tennis ball for one of the dogs to catch. This is significant because the apraxia has been keeping Paul from being able to throw. Until yesterday, he would hold a ball out and seemed to be trying hard but just couldn't let go of the ball or make a throwing motion. Another small, but significant, step in his recovery.

Thank you everyone for your support and wonderful comments.



Anonymous said...

I met Paul only once at an LMA conference so I don't know him well but I wanted to say that he's very fortunate to have such a loving, caring wife. I'm sure it's been difficult, but your updates are informative, considerate and very touching. Best wishes to your entire family - I will keep Paul in my thoughts.
Nicole Kramer

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Buzz!

Laura Holt

Dfish said...

A buzz of a prayer for you Paul.Keep going...

Fervent Film Fan said...

Happy Birthday, Paul! My gift to you is a box of wishes, hopes and prayers that your progress will continue and continue. Andy

Cassandra said...

Hey Guys,

It's wonderful news to hear that Paul is making tremendous progress. I can't imagine how wonderful it must've felt to hear Paul say Buzz's name in such a tender moment. That might be his best birthday present ever!

Speaking of...
Happy Birthday Buzz!
You're such a sweet, beautiful boy.

I miss you all,