Monday, June 16, 2008

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wines said...

Paul - We all love you!!! You're an awesome father, a great husband, and a wonderful person. I'm honored to have you as my friend. Our prayers are with you, Patty, Buzz and the entire Jerde/Hatfield clan. God is great, and I know he is shining on you.

I can't wait to tell you about the U.S. Open!

Brad, Tiffany, Inna and Misha

trixi said...

I'm sending you ALL MY LOVE and positive healing energy!!! You are a strong and powerful man and I have faith you will get well very soon!!


Jeff Rogalski said...

Thinking about you a lot and praying for you. You have many people who love you and want you to get back to your normal, sassy, wonderful self again. This could be the day when you wake up and see your family and all your friends and folks who have been pulling for you and loving you through this. I know it will take a lot more than getting knocked off a bike to keep a man of your kind down! Know that you are thought of often and loved very much.
- Dancing Stallion

felix sockwell said...

Paul / Patty / Buzz,
Stay strong. You're in out thoughts. We're praying for you.

Would love to hear what the police report too if anyone hears it (ie: was this driver drunk or simply retarded). 7 accidents in 7 days on White Rock Lake? Ridiculous.

I may have to fly down there and open up a can. maybe two.

stay strong.

Kevin Carr said...

Paul, you are in my thoughts and heart - as well as the rest of the InterLegis team. You are strong and resilient, and I can't wait to see you up and moving around again. Willie and I were laughing about our recent basketball game where you got a huge gash on your head (which later required stitches), disappeared for 5 minutes, then came back with a blood-stained towel tied around your head ... ready to play again! That's the kind of fight and energy that will get you through this. Dig deep, buddy. We love you.
- KC

dj said...


We just barely met the other day -- I'm the guy with blue hair who was sitting with aAron in Subway... we had a quick conversation about programming and problem-solving (even in Subway!).

I was dumbfounded to hear about this. It's surreal. But hey, from what I'm hearing and reading about you from your friends and loved ones, it sounds like you're a trooper and that you'll be just fine. :) We're all pulling for you and wishing you the best!

-- DJ at InterLegis

kristin.baxter said...

Paul, Patti & Buzz...

Hang in there, kids. Paul, we are all praying for your speedy recovery. Stay strong. Wake up and Laugh.

Just get better!!!!


jon said...

susan and i have you in our thoughts as you pull through this. get better soon as your missing out on some great golfing weather.

your friend,
jon toney

Steve Stafford said...

Paul -- You've got more people than I can count out here pulling for you. Doris and I will keep you in our prayers; if there's anything we can do for you on the road ahead, just let us know. Our thoughts are with you, Patty and Buzz. Hope your recovery is a speedy one.

Love, Steve and Doris

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, I hope and pray you get well very soon. All of need your smiling face in our lives.


The Golden Tiger

duadavis said...


My prayers are with you. You're strong with a wonderful future and lots of people who love you.


The Golden Tiger

Gus said...

Get better my friend. We're praying for you every day up here in South Bend. -Gus

SusanLangley said...

Paul-I am praying for you and know that you will be able to use all the talents you have been given to recover creatively. Be nice to your nurses!! :o)

Richard Jablinski said...


I love you man! My family and I are sending prayers for healing your way. I see you standing tall, smiling and laughing. I am with you in spirit, brother. May the Great Spirit bless you!

Agelesss Snowy Owl

Francois said...

To my friend Gorilla Boy and your beautiful family,

Nicholas (7 1/2 yrs old) Alexandre (soon to be 6) my beautiful boys are praying for you each night before they go to sleep. I join them in prayer and support.

You are a true gift to your family and this world. You hang in there and fight as I know you can. Embrace that strong Gorilla energy in you and come back to us as your family needs you as all of us.

We love you!!!

Francois, Nicholas and Alexandre

bozeman said...

Hearing the news of your accident stopped me in my tracks, Paul....I had just passed you and your family in the park when I was returning frm my own bike ride and then... to hear this news. I'm banking on the power of prayer and the positive thoughts that are being sent by EVERYONE who has ever had the pleasure of knowing you. That, and your own courage and strength should do the trick. Any day without the sunny, cheerful Paul Jerde is a day that isn't quite as fun....or interesting. Get well, my friend. -Boze

Meta Newhouse said...

We're sending you positive thoughts from way up here in Montana. Please know that there are two people up here thinking about you and hoping you get well SOON.

Meta & Michael Newhouse

bonseff said...

the folks upstairs at RD2 are sending Paul, friends and family our thoughts and prayers, and general good vibes.. stay strong and god speed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul -

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Get well soon. We are all pulling for you.

Brandee, David & the Beck clan

white buffalo said...

hey paul,
wake up! wake up! wake up! i and lots of others are waiting on you. we'll be here when you return from wherever you are now(another hero's journey i'll bet). i'm scared to have you in this condition(as i'm sure the others are), so come back soon.

white buffalo said...

hey paul,
wake up! wake up! wake up! i and lots of others are waiting on you. we'll be here when you return from wherever you are now(another hero's journey i'll bet). i'm scared to have you in this condition(as i'm sure the others are), so come back soon.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you have an army of people sending healing wishes and positive thoughts your way! Come back to us soon -- we have a lot of creating and laughing left to do!! --Margie Bowles

Angela said...

I'm praying for you everyday Paul!

art simmons said...


Wake up, man! We gotta hit some more 5 irons.
You are in my prayers--I know you'll be fine....

art simmons

Nina K Pettis said...

Hey, Paul -- wake up! I have a question about that file you sent me!

Seriously ... my prayers are with you and your family.


Heather Scott said...

Paul - we have not met in person, but I am good friends with your sister-in-law, and your family are in our prayers every day. We wish you the best and know that God has a plan and he is with you each step of the way. Take care....

Orion Linekin said...

I will continue to pray for your full recovery as I hold you and your family in my heart.

Your energy is dear to this world. Bring it back to share with us.

Crutchfield said...


We love you very much and are keeping you in constant thought and prayer. Heaps of love to you, Patty and Buzz from Austin and parts beyond.

You mean a great deal to us, now wake up.

-Craig, Allison and Campbell Crutchfield

Ron Nevelow/Wolf Daddy said...

Paul - You are in my prayers. I look forward to your recovery and hearing all about this experience some day. You are such a gentle and loving soul, I believe this will all turn into an interesting story along your life's path. Hang in there.

Shannon Barthels said...

Casey and I have you, Patti and Buzz in our thoughts. Get well soon so we all can quit worrying about you.

We're pulling for you,
Casey, Shannon, Cole & Payton Barthels

Karen and Bobby said...

Hi Paul,

You have so much love and support around you. I just know you are going to get better and we'll see that smile soon enough. Bobby and I are praying for you every night and will be up to see you very soon. We love you. Karen & Bobby

Josh Ege said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I feel positive we will talk again soon. Keep strong.

Wendy Virtue said...
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Jeff said...


My family and I have you in our thoughts and prayers... I don't think you've ever recognized how many of us really need you - your spirit, your drive, your passion for living and for living right - it's why we hold you in such high esteem and it's why we all know you'll pull through. Stay strong buddy, we're ready to see you again. - Jeff Breazeale

Liz Burnett said...

Paul - We know that you will pull through this. You have the strength of 10,000 men. We are praying for you and your family. Love, Liz and Scott

Wendy Virtue said...

Paul - I am sending all my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. With your strength I know you will be up and around in no time. Hurry and get better!

Scott Moore said...


If you don't wake-up soon, I might present a really awful idea to the client. Enough sleeping, get up and get back to your family and friends.

We'll keep praying for you.


jim said...

Hey Paul,
We are all pulling for you buddy! I know you needed some rest but enough is enough....get up and come back to us. Obviously from all the other posts a lot of people care about you deeply.

- Jim David

Anonymous said...


My thoughts and prayers as well as (apparently) a lot of other peoples are with you. I know you will pull through this. And wear the Elmer Fudd hat once again. You’ve got a lot of friends pulling for you. Just make sure they remember to use apostrophes and not hash marks and kern the type on their comments.

Chuck Hodges
UNT ’95

Cesar Sanchez said...


I couldn't believe what happened, hang in there buddy, I know you are strong and will pull through soon!

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Fight, fight and get better!

Cesar Sanchez

blafleur said...

Paul, as fellow cyclists we cannot tell you how horrified we were to hear this news. Todd and I were racing right near Baylor and we probably heard the sirens coming, though not realizing it was you. I am sure this was an avoidable accident but someone in a car could not be patient with a cyclist. There have been 7 accidents in 7 days in the DFW area, 2 ending in death and 1 in ICU (that is you). This is just so wrong.

I just saw you a week ago and you and Patty were looking so good and so happy. We want to see that again so we want you to get back here to your family and friends. We are thinking of you all and praying that you will come out of it soon.

Brandi and Todd

Rich and Denise Lakers said...

Patty and Buzz
I am praying for Paul and your family. and for the doctors that are helping him.
Rich is in Mexico on a Mission trip and will be back on Sat. I'm sure by then you will have good news for me to share with him.
Am praying double time for us both.
Denise Lakers

Ben Barry said...

Paul, you are in my thoughts and prayers, I hope you recover soon.

Tammy Fulcher said...

Patty - I have heard the news and a bit stunned, as you all are. Want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts while Paul takes a snooze. When he wakes up and gets back into the swing of things, we'll schedule our lunch visit. In the meantime, I'm at your service for anything you may need. Many good wishes coming your way!

- Tammy

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, We are all so worried about you and feel so helpless. You, Patti and Buzz are in our thoughts and prayers. You're on the prayer chain at church also-the more the better. Just waiting on you to wake up and get better.

Lori and Laney Wilson

Ben Harwell said...

Paul, I just saw you last Friday and thought I should say "HI" but the elevator door shut and I went on my way. Wish I had! We've talked a few times, we have a few mutual friends, you even interviewed me when there were no jobs to be had back in 2002. Looking forward to seeing around the halls again here soon. We are praying for you!

-Ben & Lori Harwell

Anonymous said...

Paul, Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family. You are a strong man. I know you will be entertaining and inspiring us all again very soon! We are counting on it.

Julie Porter

Ashley Barron Mattocks said...


We have you and your family in our hearts and on our minds. Get well soon.

Love, Ashley @ David Carter Design

Anonymous said...

Paul, you have the entire DFW design community behind you, and we are all anxiously awaiting your speedy recovery.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

--Bret Sano

Anonymous said...

Paul - I am thinking of you everyday and am sure that after your rest you will continue on with a great life as Patty's terrific husband and Buzz's Dad.

As a cyclist, I hope like hell that the B-----d that hit you stopped and helped you.

Bunny (Patty's cousin)

Anonymous said...

Paul and family,

Although it has been quite some time since I worked at RSW, your smile and laugh is hard to forget. I know that everyone is waiting to hear it once again. My prayers are with you and your entire family.

Best wishes and God bless,
Adrianne Fenimore

kiki Curry said...


I don't know you yet, but I want to so hurry up and come back to us. Know you are loved by many who want you well, healthy and happy.

Blessings of love and healing,

Gary said...

Paul and your family - know that you are surrounded by love and support at all times and that, whatever happens, no matter how long or swift the recovery, you will always be loved and supported. Everything will be fine in the end, as painful as it may be in this moment.

Love and blessings
Gary Armstrong

Kerry Silver Cowen said...

Katie -
My heartfelt prayers for Paul's complete recovery. God created us to be incredibly strong and resilient. And Paul is certainly in the best hands.

Thank you for creating this blog. Please know that your "Brentfield family" is here to help you, Patty and your family. Please call on me for anything at any time.

Love, Kerry

anniedingo said...

i happen to see the accident on saturday and was quite upset all day but when i heard it was you yesterday...i was deeply devastated. please know my friend you are in my thoughts and in my prayers and there alot of us out here who love you and are pulling for you! god can do miraculous things. Keep the faith and the fight.

tina smith

The Taylors said...

Paul - We are praying for a full and speedy recovery. Know that you, Patty, Buzz and your entire families are in our thoughts and prayers each day.

Mike and Diane Taylor

John Dorcas said...

Please know you and your family are in my prayers. Get well my friend.

John - Lawrence, KS

FritzK said...

Paul - Wake up, my friend! Come home! I imagine you're sitting with the Great Spirit right now and receiving whatever healing you might possibly need, but please come back and bring your big light to all these people who love you. You've got us worried.

I'll keep a candle lit for your family until I hear.

Say, don't I owe you lunch?

AM/KT said...

Our thoughts are with all of you right now. It sounds like the signs are looking good. My sister was in a coma for 5 days after a head injury and bounced right back. The body is an amazing instrument. Have faith and know that there can be happy endings.Our thoughs are with you!
Andrea McCauley
Chris, Sophie and Evan

Myers said...

Paul, Patty & Buzz:
We were so shocked to hear what happened. Rebecca, Noah, Analise and I are holding you guys in our thoughts and prayers. You have so much more to offer in this world. Come back soon, we're all waiting!
Take care!

Tadd, Rebecca, Noah & Analise

Anonymous said...

This is my second attempt so if I show up twice please accept my apologies. Paul - just want you to know you are wonderful and your energy never ceases to amaze me. I'm praying for you, Patty and Buzz.

See you soon my friend,
Sam Reitmayer

Jeff Savage said...

Paul, we are praying for you. For your body to continue the healing process. For your family to be comforted by one another (as well as by your finger wiggles). And for you to open your eyes soon and recover swiftly.

Jeff, Michelle and Soren Savage

Anonymous said...

Patty - You and your family are in our thoughts prayers. Lots and lots of St. Patrick families are praying for Paul's recovery! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I'd be happy to babysit Buzz anytime you need it.

Paul - Dude, wake up and get better. I think Patty signed you up to do the class auction project this fall. You probably need to start getting some ideas together!

Suzanne Crawford

Lauren said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Much love,
Lauren Berndt

Kyle Dreier said...

I got word of your accident via Hollenbeck. My heart is with you bud! I'm reminded of your unique can-do attitude from our days an UNT and am confident your gunna get through this. As always, you're a stud.
- Kyle Dreier (Franklin, TN)

Anonymous said...

Paul and Family,
My family lives just East of the lake and we passed by the scene of the accident on Saturday afternoon. We did not know what had happened but could tell that it was serious. We have been praying for you and your family and for the person who hit you. As life has it, the daycare that our daughter attends sent out a message that you have been part of the OLCDC family and you needed our prayers. I feel so fortunate to now be able to pray specifically for you and your family, by name. We will continue to do so! Many blessings, The Givens Family

Kevin Prejean said...


Hang in there, friend. Great to see you at the DSVC show. You were pretty stoked after taking home a "major award." After you rebound from this, please try to limit things to basketball related stitchery.

Prayers going out to you. Get well, brother.
-Bona fide Cheetah

Anonymous said...

Paul, Patty, Buzz,

Keith and I are praying for you and hoping for things to get back to normal as soon as possible. You would not believe all of the calls we're getting from former RSW friends, vendors, etc. You have a world of support and good wishes around you! Stay strong.


Anonymous said...

Paul - It was devastating to hear about this, I am sure you will come out of this soon and with a renewed vigor for life. Our prayers are with you.

Bill and Ida

babymama said...

I've only met you briefly, but wanted to send my well wishes. I too am an avid cyclist that's ridden that very path many times. My friend actually pulled over and waited with you for the ambulance.

He was in the center lane, the car that hit you was behind him, changing lanes into the far right lane... he didn't see you until it was too late..... the driver pulled over to help, he felt horrible and he also stayed with you until the ambulance came.

I am sending positive thoughts and prayers to you - and to your family. Get better, that beautiful son of yours needs his Daddy back!!

Adrian Hasenbauer

donna Aldridge said...

Paul, I am fervently praying for you and your family. We are here for you.

your friend -


Anonymous said...


Kris and I are thinking of you and your family. I've known you long enough to know that you're too damn hard headed to let this keep you down for long. If there is anything that we can do (from babysitting, to meals to whatever) let us know.

Brandon Murphy

Doug May said...


We are all looking forward to your recovery and seeing your smiling face again soon.

rzdesign said...

I do not know you but any friend of Willie's that garners a post has to be good people!

Speedy and full recovery. Best to you and your family!


Bill Ford said...


Hang tough, big guy. Our prayers for strength and quick recovery are with you. We need to see that smile again.


Bobby and Karen said...

Saying prayers every night for Paul. We are going to continue to send good thoughts your way. Paul, you need to wake up so we can do your upcoming birthday up right!!

We love you....Bobby and Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey Patty, Buzz and of course Paul,

just heard the news up here in Ohio....can't believe it ...just glad you are all part of the most supportive family ever...please know you are in our thoughts....

ps...that Buzz is about the cutest kid ever!!!

love, Heidi Mike and Henry Jost

Betsy McDonald said...

Paul - You are in my prayers along with Patty, Buzz and the rest of your family. Can't wait to have you dazzle us with your brilliant creative and see that great sense of humor that you have!

Betsy at TNB Card Services

Anonymous said...

It's Alison Wire (Abby's mom from McMahan's class). My prayers have been with you and your family since I heard about Paul's accident. I am availible to help you in anyway. Our house is close to the Baylor campus. I actually worked at Baylor Institute for Rehab many years ago on the head injury team and was amazed at the care the patients received and the progress they were able to make. Baylor has incredible physicians and programs - you all are in good hands. Anything you need...
The Wires (Alison, Patrick, Abby & Sophie)

Jan Dailey said...

Paul, you were lifted in prayer today! Get well. You are missed.

Jan Dailey, TNB Card Services

david Carter said...


We know you are definitely going to win this battle. You are a fighter and are always looking for the next challenge. You have a wonderful family at your side and a bench full of friends rooting for you.
There is some much love for you, supporting you, and just waiting to see you back on your feet.
God bless.

Love, Cynthia and David

Shoshanna Turek said...

Paul, You believed in me. You hired me in '99 at RSW. It was a huge career jump for me. I was shocked. I want to thank you for that.

Now it's my turn to believe in you. And I do! You will wake up soon to shine on the world once again.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

Much love,

Sarah said...

Paul--We are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers!

Much love,
Sarah, John, Michael and Henry Pucci

marolyn said...


I was so sorry to hear about your accident and hope you are back with us soon. Good karma is on your side!

My positive thoughts are with you and your family.


Anonymous said...


I was stunned and saddened to hear of your accident. My heart goes out to you and yours....keep fighting and get well soon!

Laura Root

Wodka said...

Paul, our family is praying for your speedy recovery. Our next round of golf is on me. Love ya -


Matt said...

You are most certainly in my daily prayers. Also, as I promised Patty, I shared the prayer need with friends from church and you now have about 100 more people praying for you daily!

Quick and full recovery my friend!


Tim V. said...


Michelle and I are praying for you. Hang in there, my friend.

Anonymous said...


There are so many great stories to tell about you.

Here's to all the chapters yet to be written in the Paul Jerde story.

Our prayers are with you,

Mike, Kristin, Gabriel and Gracie Gould

Anonymous said...

Hang in there buddy! My family and I are praying for you and yours. Stay strong and we'll be here for you when your ready.

Eric, Julie, Cole and Lily

jman said...

Hey man,

We continue to pray for you and your family and your speedy recovery. It's amazing to see the outpouring of support and that's a testament to your character and personality. Through this, I've seen how much you mean to Holly and the MB team, and I thank you for that.

As a fellow cyclist, this has really hit home and I still can't believe it happened. It's helped raise my awareness and I'm spreading the word to others to be careful out there!

Now wake up soon so we can start trading carbon credits (only you will get this)!

Tambelina5ft0 said...

PJ : We are thinking of you and praying constantly - that God would put his healing hands on you for a speedy recovery.

You are an amazing person, husband and father - full of life and we're all blessed to know you.

We are here to help in any way you might need.

Looking forward to seeing you soon...

Much love, hugs and blessings...
Tammy & Brian Schriewer

Karen Hatfield said...

Sending much love and good wishes your way. I know Bobby is staying the night tonight, and I'm grateful he's able to do that. I know Paul is in good hands and that his doctors are going to be able to help him. I look forward to seeing my brother in law some time this weekend. Much love, Karen

Ann Livingston Hynecek said...

Paul ... Patty ... Buzz,

I was truly saddened to hear about this accident. I am hoping and praying for a speedy recovery. Paul, you have made such an impact in our little design community and we appreciate all of your insight and friendship. We are all looking forward seeing your smiling face soon - we need it, pal!

Ann and Bryan Hynecek

Beth Bray said...

Paul, Patti, Buzz, Jerde and Hatfield family,

Rob, Robbie and I have had you in our thoughts and prayers everyday since the accident. Paul, we know you are a strong, fun and loving person who will pull through this. Patti, we love you and your family. The Brays

Emma D. said...

I just wanted to let you know that your whole family is in our prayers here in the DROC Dept. I just heard the news yesterday and my heart goes out to you!!! Amy K. was sweet enough to send us this link so we will can keep up with your journey.
My family has been in this situation, and it truly is a journey. Just keep praying, believing, and loving Paul. Don't be discouraged if he stays asleep for awhile. He will wake up on his own time when his body is caught up healing. All the energy is needed for his body to heal right now. It's not a bad thing....I learned that from my familiy's journey.
We love you Patty! Again our prayers and well wishes are with Paul, you, that adorable Buzz, and the whole family. Stay strong! Emma and the DROC crew ;)

finny22 said...

Paul-I'm praying for a speedy recovery. From the Finnegan family to yours - God Bless and get well quick...


marc schwartz said...

Blessings to you Brother. As a fellow biker, I pray for your swift recovery so you I may someday soon go for a spin around White Rock.

Marc Schwartz

Albert said...

Paul - I'm sending good vibes your way! Can't way to see you out and tearin' it up again man. I know you're going to come back stronger than ever. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Love you man,
Albert Cano

Tim said...


Be healed, my brother. While your eyes are closed, receive the boundless love and energy and healing power of the universe.

Your family and friends are all waiting eagerly for your return.

Love to you and Patty and Buzz,


Meg Tollison said...

Patty, Buzz and family,
You and Paul are in my thoughts and prayers. I know so many people are praying across the city, state and country for Paul.

Patty - I know how much comfort your voice and presence is bringing to Paul. God is with you every moment. Meg

Anonymous said...

Paul, You have so many wonderful friends and family. Such a lucky guy who has so much life in him. Please wake up and show us that amazing person! Love, Wendy, Oliver and Libby Cone

Anonymous said...

hey you!

I don't know how often we're allowed to post but I just decided I'm going to post whenever I want to so you know we're all always thinking about you. (obviously...see above tons of other postings)

I just got back from our last DSVC board dinner for the year. It was different than any of the other seven (or eight!) years I've been on the board. We talked about you most of the evening and told funny stories. Everyone is so positive about your recovery. We all know how tough you are and anyone who knows you well knows what a "fighter" you are :) We are all looking forward to talking with you soon. I know today was a long day...Hang in there. We know you will wake up when you are ready and we will all be here for you when you do.

A note for Willie:
Willie - Just a note to thank you for being up there. We all talked and we know you must be so tired but we know that Paul and Patty's families appreciate you tremendously as do all of their friends. Thank you from all of us "DSVC" folks who love Jerde so much.


Kristine said...

Paul--First of all I am praying for you as are a bunch of my favorite prayer warriors! I decided that I'm going to write you frequently until you wake up. If that isn't annoying enough to wake you up then you truly don't remember how annoying I was when we worked together! ;-) So all that to say WAKE UP! We love you, we are praying for you, the journey you are on, and want to hear all about it when you return to us. I look forward to seeing your beautiful eyes again as do your beloved Patty and Buzz. Stay strong, I know you can hear me as I type this, so let God's healing work on your body and be content to come back to us when you feel ready. But hurry up! :p Much love,

phil said...

Paul, you were so kind to help me wade thru my photos last week but we're not through. I know you know that and know how you are about unfinished projects. I'm you're unfinished project so you'll wake up soon and we'll get on with it. Oh, yeah. I shared that Bambi know, where YOU hit the deer in the rent truck under my name? Of course, it woke me up and you're yelling "A deer hit US!" A perfect Paul point-of-view. I still laugh at that trip. We've laughed a lot and we'll laugh some more. It's a full moon this evening. I was born under a full moon. I think it's a good evening to be by the lake sending prayers your way. We're all sending prayers your way, Paul. From Lake Ray Hubbard, Montana, Seattle, Maryland, Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Blue States, Red States...on & on & on.
We believe in the power of prayer and there is a lot of powerful prayer being launched for you, 24/7. See you soon.
Love you, brother. Phil

Carol said...

I just received the news from a friend about your accident. I am a member of Fellowship Church and wanted you to know that I have summoned many warrior's on your behalf to pray. May you feel God's warmth, love, comfort and healing as we surround you with a hedge of protection at this difficult. We serve an awesome and Big God and pray for His will to align with our requests. Romans 15:13 says..."May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."


bncreative said...

I haven't seen you in years, but I think about you often. We went to UNT together. I still have the picts of you from the trip we took to New Orleans. We were sitting in class one day and we both decided we needed to get out of town. So we spent all night driving to New Orleans and then on to my Uncle's beach house in Galveston. Crazy. We didn't have any money, so we ate food from the gas station that I charged on my Exxon credit card. If anyone can pull through this, it you! I'm praying for you and your family!

Jayme said...

My brother was hit by a speeding vehicle while on his bike many years ago. He was in a coma for several weeks along with serious injuries. Many broken bones, brain contusions and internal bleeding. Had to have his face completely reconstructed. I feel your pain. BTW, Cary made a complete recovery after months of physical therapy.

Positive thoughts and prayers.


David said...

Damn. I was just exchanging emails with Paul on Friday. I'd recommended him for a speaking engagement and he wanted to use me as a reference. Paul was just in Nashville last month helping me with a seminar for creative directors, and he was a huge hit. We hit it off personally, too, having known each other back from the RSW days. Paul, come join us again when the time is right--then we can go do that photo shoot we dreamed about. You're a good man and I think you're going to be alright. (And quit making me cry thinking about this all the time.)

Bobby and Karen said...

We are thinking about you and sending all of our love your way. I just know God is going to make this whole thing better. STay strong Patty....Paul needs you. We love you! Bobby and Karen

Stephanie Linder said...

Paul, Patty, & Buzz,

We just wanted to let you all know that we are praying for you all daily! Our boys Michael and Maddox played on the Tigers with Buzz a few seasons.

Lord, we come to you and are so saddend by the trauma that has happened in the life of the Jerdes. Lord, if it is your will, we ask that you would please heal Paul and restore him back to normal. We ask too that you would comfort Patty and Buzz, allow them peace and Your direction during this difficult time. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I just completed 30 minutes of prayer for Paul, Patty, Buzz and his family. I prayed for God's Will and hope God will share his plans with us very soon. I also prayed for the person who had the accident that put Paul through this challenge. Based on stories about Paul, he would want forgiveness along with strength. Dear God, provide us with both!!

rob walker said...

Hang in there buddy, we are pulling for you. I'm having my wife beam some Reiki up to you. Keep fighting.

Rob Walker
Six Seconds Media

Judit said...

Dude, you can’t shake off an Aussie that fast. It was only the other the day that I was thinking of you, and now I learn that you got yourself into a pickle. Well, you need to get out of this pickle, and giddy up to the future. So to help you along, Tyler and me send our prayers to YOU and your wonderful family. And if I can be so bold, I am and I will continue to sing the Seinfeld, “Get Well Soon” song.
Much Love & Hugs,
Judit & Tyler

Judit said...

Dude, you can’t shake off an Aussie that fast. It was only the other the day that I was thinking of you, and now I learn that you got yourself into a pickle. Well, you need to get out of this pickle, and giddy up to the future. So to help you along, Tyler and me send our prayers to YOU and your wonderful family. Now if I can be so bold, I am and I will continue to sing the Seinfeld, “Get Well Soon” song.
Much Love & Hugs,
Judit & Tyler

Jim Robinson said...

You, Patty and buzz have been in my thoughts and prayers since hearing the news up here in Connecticut. I have been searching and searching for updates and am so happy to have this site... Just wanted you all to know your in my thoughts...
Jim Robinson

Ryan said...


Godspeed to you and your family. I am praying for a full recovery. After our talk at the party, I envisioned a great friendship being born. Let's make it happen.


Anonymous said...


When you get out of ICU, I'll crochet you some really tacky bed socks to keep your feet warm. How can you pass off an offer like that?

We continue to pray for you and Patty and Buzz.


Michele Arnette said...

Paul, Patty, Buzz and family/friends..."For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows." 2 Corinthians 1:5. God bless you at this time.
Michele A.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes during this time. My thoughts are with you and your family.

swest said...

All the very best Paul; hoping for a quick recovery and we hope to see you down here in Miami soon.


Brandon said...


I was shocked to hear about your accident. Haven't seen much of you lately, but plan to as soon as you get out of that bed. You are in our prayers.

-Brandon and Rozie DeLoach

Mike Anderson said...

Paul - hang in there buddy. We were stunned to hear the news.
We're all praying for you at the Anderson house - Michael makes sure of it! Paul, we know you're going to be OK, and that you'll be there in the circle at the next campout.

Patty & Buzz - be strong and we're there for you if there's anything you need.

Michael, Hadley, Kathy and Mike Anderson

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, Patti and Buzz,
I am so very sorry for what all of you are going through right now. I wish I could do more than just pray from up here in Chi-Town. I told Theresa to just say the word and I will be on a plane in an instant.
Secretly, I have always wanted to be a Hatfield and think of you as my family WHICH MEANS PAUL...You're my brother-in-law and Jeff, Annabelle, Ava and I want nothing more than for you to wake up and get well as soon as possible! Regardless of the timeframe, God is on all of our side and he is going to take care of all of you, I just feel it.
We love you very much. Please don't hesitate to ask for ANYTHING!

Jill, Jeff, Annabelle and Ava

Andy Roth said...

It was so fun reconnecting with you in Nashville -- you are such an outgoing, friendly, down-to-earth guy. I'm sorry I had not stayed in touch with you since I left Dallas. I look forward to talking more with you soon.

Lisa and I are praying for your quick recovery. And we're praying that the Lord give Patty and Buzz peace and assurance that all things will work out for good.

"I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation."

Andy, Lisa, Evie, Audrey and Gabe

Mike Self said...

You are a great friend, neighbor, father and husband. Kathleen and I are both thankful for the years we had with you on Lockhaven before we moved a WHOLE MILE away. I guess it made it a little harder to walk to Tony’s.

I remember getting home from work on more than one occasion and being overcome by the stench of your “all natural chicken excrement fertilizer.” I remember giving you a hard time about how the smell was going to hurt our property values. In turn, you would give me a hard time for my less than environmentally friendly approach to lawn care. You were convinced that the bath of chemicals my lawn was swimming in was going to result in my kids growing three arms.

Paul, you are one of the wittiest and creative men I know. I greatly enjoy the time I get to spend hanging out with you and talking with you—be it at our sons’ T-Ball games, an Indian Guides campout or dinner at Chick-fil-A. I find myself seeking you out and I’m always glad when you’re around.

It’s been great connecting on a new level as we’ve participated in Indian Guides together with our sons. Lipaaaaaaaaaaan! I know that Mason really enjoys hanging out with Buzz. The trips we have taken together have made it so clear to me how much you love your son and want to be a strong father for him. You inspire me. I love the way you process the interactions you see with other dads and their sons. You have a very teachable spirit and you want to learn. You’re not afraid to ask questions and you’re honest with your thoughts and feelings—all too rare these days among men. Again, I am inspired by the time we have had together as we talk about how we want to raise our sons.

I look forward to the new patch you’ve talked about creating for the tribe. [Remember, it’s all about the patches.] And I’ll see what I can do about getting you a rabbit pelt for all that you are currently enduring…

I was really honored that you invited me to join your I Group for an evening. That was a sacred experience and one that was very powerful. More proof of your desire to grow as a man so that you could do right by Patty and Buzz.

And of course I’m thankful that you took the time to design a new logo for our student ministry. I thought it was amazing that you were willing to spend that much time to create something—including all the conversations we had surrounding the student ministry, who we are, what we do and why we do it. I looked forward to when you would drop by to talk about your ideas. We would spend 15 minutes talking about the logo and an hour and a half talking about life.

I think about you, Patty and Buzz all the time since your accident. I’m glad we got to talk for a while at Mason’s party. Of course, I took the opportunity to talk about Colorado ONE MORE TIME. I think your whole hospital stay is an elaborate ploy to get out of going to Colorado with us. I fully expect you to make a complete recovery about the same time we cross the Texas/New Mexico border.

Paul, we love you and are thankful for your friendship. Know that we are praying for you.

Mike and Kathleen Self

jeff Klingler said...

Hello Paul,
Just a fellow cyclist that found your blog and just HAD to tell you that my family is praying for you and your darn right we'll sign the petition!..get well soon Paul your in our thoughts and prayers...
the Klingler family
Flower Mound, TX.

Helen Wehry said...

Paul--I am so sorry you have been injured so severely . I don't know you very well but your brother, James, is a very dear friend of mine. He introduced you, Patty and Buzz to me in May at the Recreation Center in Newton, KS. Buzz and my granddaughters,Jaylen & Jaymie, were having a great time and you joined in and slid down the slide
along with them. I know you are a very fun loving guy. I will continue to pray for God's Will for your complete recovery. Now you need to take it one step at a time and open your eyes, and regain consciousness. The healing of your body will soon follow.

Helen Wehry
Newton, KS

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul~Patty and Buz,

On behalf of the entire Pink family~PLEASE~ know that we are thinking of you, praying for you and sending all the healing energy that we can muster!! You are a huge part of our growing up memories! The bar-b-ques, the fourth of July picnics,(When Greg was usually in the hospital) and all the holidays the make up the calender.

Dear Kay and Mary, Beth, Kath, Jim, Patty and the whole family~we are with you all in spirit!

We look forward to the day you wake up with that great Jerde smile and say "What the heck was all the fuss?" WE ARE PULLING FOR YOU!!


Shawn and Lori
Greg and Karen
Alison and Mark
Laura and Terry
Jon and Kris
Les and Matt
Auntie Kath

Stacey Oge said...

Paul, Patty & Buzz,

We have had your family in our thoughts and prayers since we heard about Paul's accident. Stay strong and keep fighting.

Jonathan, Stacey, Kyle & Will Oge

Justin Lloyd said...

Paul, get well very soon. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Justin Lloyd

Shannon Rodden said...

You will be in my prayers!! (your family as well) I dont understand this type of thing.... I hope the world will get to enjoy his talent again someday soon!!

constance said...

Hi Paul, I came here from Willie Baronet's Blog. Will pray for you and your family...

Ginger*:)* said...

Hey Paul, Your good friend Willie sent me here along with many others. I will keep you in my prayers for a safe and speedy recovery and for the return of your strength and wonderful wit and sense of humor.

Ginger *:)

Tracy Pulaski said...

Paul - You probably don't remember me, but I remember you. My name is Tracy and I'm David Proudman's little sister. David called to tell me the terrible news about your accident. All the people I know in NJ are praying for you and your family. You are obviously loved by so many people. They all just want one thing from you, and that's for you to wake up. So please do whatever you can to fight your way back to Patti and Buzz and your entire family. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday and I can't wait to hear the good news that you are awake and causing some trouble at the hospital.

Patti - keep your faith - he will be back with you soon.

Love, Tracy Pulaski (David Proudman's sister)

Anonymous said...


Just saw a post on the MKP Broadcast list about your accident. I forwarded it to our community (Greater Washington (DC)) email lists. I'm pretty sure that a lot of brothers in our community will be sending prayers your way. I'll be saying some tomorrow at the Summer Solstice Ceremony.

Dave Shepardson
Golden Lion with Open Heart

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

Well....I am going to be giving birth to you newest niece or nephew in about a week. So let's make a deal, okay? I will go ahead with the addition to our family as long as you open your beautiful blue eyes to see him/her! I think that's a very fair trade off! Our baby will be blessed with so many great aunts and uncles and you will be playing a huge part in his/her life. I look forward to introducing the newest Hatfield to you soon. We are all pulling for you and love you. I will see you this weekend. Love Karen

Terry Demler said...

Paul - my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Wake up soon to read all the wonderful notes and see how much you are loved.


linda sarah said...

Paul, I send you lots of get well soon wishes flying across the seas - and hope that very soon you can be amongst the people who love you so much, laughing, talking, smiling, singing with them...
with lots of love and hope, linda

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul!
Willie posted the "how you can help" section yesterday evening and the responses have just been overwhelming.

But I wanted to tell you I was driving this morning and I heard on the radio that today have been deemed by researchers the "HAPPIEST DAY ON EARTH"!!! Whether it's the sun or the thought of vacation...supposedly June 20th is the happiest day on earth. SO! I just wanted you to know that I'm feeling so positive about your recovery and I think that today could be the day to wake up because that really would make June 20th the happiest day on earth.

Sending you much love and positive positive thoughts,
Sam R.

Phil Perry said...

Hello Paul,
The news of your accident just reached me this morning, June 20th, I live in Tucson, Arizona.

I want you to know that I am standing with you, holding space for your full recovery. May you continuously breath in the Light of your Creator, and be filled with this Light as well as the Healing Energy of Love. My arms are around you and your family.

Bright Blessings.

Your Brother,
Phil Perry/LightBear

Lane Evans said...

Jerde Co. -

We are all sending you our prayers, good thoughts and overall positive mojo to help you wake up and get on the road to a speedy recovery.

You are one of the most determined and resilient people i've ever known - so i know you will wake up when you are good and ready.

Remember when we met for brunch at the Dream Cafe, when our boys were about 18 months old?

I can't wait to get Buzz and Spencer together again. Sounds like Buzz outweighs Spencer by about 30lbs. and is about 6" taller.I guess he will be the center and Spencer can be the point guard.

You've managed to touch so many peoples lives from so many different walks of life - it is a tribute to your willingness to reach out, your fun loving personality and your good heart.

You make all those whom you encounter better people for knowing you.

Wake up - you have much that still needs to be accomplished.

All of our love.


Lane (Drano), Mandy, Haley and Spencer Evans

Anonymous said...

I don't quite know what to say...I'm still in shock and just find myself pausing throughout each day to send healing thoughts and prayers your way. You are such a wonderful guy with a major zest for life. Your strength and creativity will help you through this awful time.

The things that come to my mind first are your goofy and contagious laugh and a picture I have of you and me dressed (and posing) like ice skaters in our unintentionally matching green shirts. It was years ago but it still makes me laugh!

Blessings, strength and peace be yours,
Elizabeth, Jason and Emilia (Byars) Fenimore

Anonymous said...

Paul, May the healing power within the universe flow into you and begin the process of recovery for you!

Zoe Tennesen said...

Paul, I can't believe what I've just read. I hardly know you and yet I'm so moved and concerned. May your recovery be swift and leave you somehow an even better, more whole person. Very very best wishes, Zoe

Anonymous said...

Paul and Patty - You are in our constant thoughts and prayers. I've thought so often this week about one of my favorite moments from St. Patrick's preschool this year. I happended to look out onto the preschool playground one day when both of the Pre-K classes were out playing. Most of the children from both classes had formed a circle at the base of playgroud equipment and they were cheering. They kept at it for a long time and I could not figure out what they were cheering for. That afternoon I asked my daugher and Buzz's classmate, Hayden, what the kids were cheering for up inside the slide. Her response was,"Oh, it was Buzz. HE IS A HERO! He killed a bee!". I will never forget Buzz's bravery and strength that day as he took on the bee so that his classmates could play on the slide! I know he inherited that strength from his wonderful parents!

Best wishes,
Nora Hollingsworth from St. Patrick's School

Steve Hargis said...

Paul and Family,

You can add the St Louis MKP community to the list of those praying for you and your family. We wish you a swift recovery and all the love and support you need during this very difficult time.

Kristine said...

It's me again, your annoyance for the day! Since hearing of this "delay" in your life all I can think about is you....kinda fun to think about someone other than myself! ;-)

As I told Patty yesterday, thru tears, this whole mess has really caught me off-guard. I chat with God often now, more often than I was before this...which He's probably happy about....but I feel kinda bad, like hey--I need You now, a friend needs You, so could You heal him and make him well and then I'll check back in with You when I need something else. This is not the type of faith I used to have, but lately I seem to only call on Him when I need Him. I shall start anew as I write this and be a better servant of His.

I ramble, but I mainly wanted you to know, today, June 20, 2008 at 5:06 p.m. that I am thinking of you, sending amazing healing thoughts your way and doing some major intercessory praying.

Matthew 17:19-20 says "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, `Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Lord, Hear my Prayer.

Love to you, Patty and Buzz

guitarsla said...

Paul,,get well soon brother. Love from a fellow warrior in New Orleans. Thinking of and praying for you.

Steve Staples
New Orleans
Brave Buck

Anonymous said...

Paul I see God's healing love and light enfolding you.

Rabbit King from Washington State

Anonymous said...


I don't know you or your family- I've only stumbled upon this blog. But, from reading about you and seeing the outpouring of love from your friends and family, it's clear you are a wonderful person who is loved very much.

I happen to believe that the power of prayer works whether the prayers are coming from loved ones or just a compassionate stranger.

So, I offer you and your family mine for a full and speedy recovery.

Stephenville, Texas

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Howdy Paul and family, I came here from Willie's your buddy's blog, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Get well soon Paul, and our prayer are with you and your family, stay strong! Take care!

louis o'hara said...

Stunned and deeply sadden when we heard the news. Hope and prayers is all most of us can give. We send both. Paul I've known you mostly through Jim but I can confidently say you've become a man that most people look up to and yet you never lost your common touch. You come from the finest family that I've ever known and no doubt you have continued that tradition with Patty and Buzz. Rest easily but come back soon.
All are love.

Louis, Mary, Bill and Tom

Mark said...

Paul and family: I am sending prayer support from Arizona. As an avid cyclist, warrior, and brother know you are in my thoughts. Wishing you a total recovery and the patience to take it a day at a time, one momment at a time. Blessings and respect,
Mark Schwietz, Pelican

Jenny said...

Hi, Paul. You don't know me, but your sister was maid-of-honor in my wedding almost 13 years ago. I adore Beth and if you are anything like her I know you are wonderful, too. Everyday I pray for you and wish for your recovery. My support and love go to your family as well.



Fran Thompson said...

Dear Patty and Buzz, St. Patrick School is praying for Paul/Daddy. We are here to support you. Much love, Fran Thompson

Steve and Vinnie said...

We are praying for your recovery. Since we only heard about your accident last night, we are just catching up on this horrible news! We know how wonderful you are and how much you are loved, respected and admired. We are relieved that the family is there and your host of friends are helping Patty and Buzz. Jim And Lori,just know we are thinking of you, too.
May God keep you close,
Steve & Vinnie Gerecke
Albuquerque, NM

Anonymous said...

Paul and Patty-
You all dont know us, we are on your nephew Jack's baseball team. We are sending lots of prayers your way.
Lots of Love
The Warden Family
Eric, Jenny, Kyle, Molly and Samantha

Veronica Roth said...

With all the love and support pouring in from all over the world, you will be like SuperMan when you wake up! But then, how would that be any different than before? Please wake up soon! We love you, Veronica and Dick

Anonymous said...

To Paul and all his family, when I saw the request from Willie and read the blogs I felt complelled to add a comment. Thoughts and prayers from my wife and I from over here in Holmfirth, U.K. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a return to full health.
Dougie & Annie x

Holly Mason said...


I’m not sure you’re aware of how much you’ve touched my life. And how much I need you in my life. I know you need your rest and need to heal, but please wake up soon. My life is brighter with you in it. I need to see your smiling face and to hear you in the office. I miss your passion, your energy, and most importantly your friendship. You are so loved. I’m amazed (although not surprised) to see the outreach from so many. It’s truly a testament to what a great person you are and how you’ve made such a positive impression on so many. We’ve been through so much together the last few years and I am confident we’ll get through this as well. You’re my inspiration and I miss you terribly. I’m praying for you, Buzz and Patty.


erin said...

Hi Paul, the blog-o-sphere is praying for your speedy recovery and we all know the power of the internet so you're in good hands. Rest up and come ride in San Diego when you get the chance.


Teri Kronick said...

Patty, You don't know me. I am a friend of Katie and Neil's. Just wanted to say I am thinking about you and your family and praying for Paul's quick recovery... Teri Kronick

Eva Mangas said...

Paul, Patty and Buzz,

I have been praying for all of you since I heard the news on Thursday. Patty stay strong - I love you and I am thinking of you. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family. There is so much to be said about the power of prayer and friends and family being there with you...I once heard it called "stand in thearapy" and thought that was a nice way to explain how the power of love truly provides thearapy to the patient. Paul, I have only met you a couple of times but your personality is jumping right off these pages through the photos and I can tell by your support how truly loved you are. Please get well soon. Sincerely, Eva Mangas

Anonymous said...

I've only had the honor of speaking with Paul a handful of times over the last few years, but I have the highest respect of him as a fellow designer and person. He has always struck me as the kind of person that can do whatever he applies himself too. His passion for life and design is evident. My thoughts and prayers are with Paul and his family and I wish mostly for his quick recovery.

Get Well Soon Paul,

Geoff German

Ben Smith said...

Paul, Patty & Buzz,

I'm reading the blog every day and sending positive thoughts and prayers to you. It's been far too long since I've heard a funny Paul story from Patty, so Paul, please wake up soon. All my love to all of you,


T.S. said...

Hey Paul,
I'm from New Orleans,now living in Nashville. I've met you on the weekends where I had the honor of cooking for you. I am burning a candle, and some sage, sending you possitive, healing, energy.
Many Blessings.
T.S. Chantz

Neil said...


Love to you Paul, your loving family and all your wonderful friends. May your light shine as bright as ever, and soon. All best wishes and love from a fellow warrior in New England. You are in my prayers.

Love and Blessings,


Anonymous said...

Patty, You and Buzz are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and know how much you, Paul, and Buzz are loved. The body is a amazing in its recovery.
Suzanna Cravy
Jerry, Maya, and Georgia

Daniel Oldham said...

Paul we have not met, yet. But as a warrior of the spirit I know you. Much love to you and your family and I pray for your speedy recovery.

Daniel Oldham mkpuk

Flying Colors said...

My prayers and best energy are directed your way Paul for your speedy recovery.
You have a wonderful smile that needs to be spread around.
Your friend Willie Baronet notified us illustrators and we are praying for you to get better.

Flying Colors said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Brenda Crouch, Ma Dick

I am praying for your quick recovery and also put your name in the Cowboy Chuch and they will pray for you and your family. That's a lot of cowboys, so we expect you up and better soon. When I am in town next week, I will come by the hospital You were always so much fun and I miss having you at Dick's.

Anonymous said...

Paul and Family,

After visiting with you yesterday I left feeling positive and in awe; positive in my thoughts on Paul's recovery, in awe over the loving support of friends and family.

Paul responded a couple of times as Willie and I visited - eye lid movement and hand response - I thought for someone in a coma for a week, he looked very good.

And all the family and friend support made me so proud to be a friend of Paul ( and all that food ).

Everyone keep your spirits high and keep praying. And please let me know if there is anything my family can do to help.

Brent Parrott

Anonymous said...

The German speaking Community is sending you all the strenght that you need to recover, magic will make everything happen!!!

All the Best

Steven Beik - Loving Crow

Anonymous said...

Hello Patty, Buz, The whole Jerde family,

We just want you to know that we are still here and PRAYING AND PRAYING AND PRAYING for all of you!!!!! A few of us from Paul's earlier years were together this weekend at a camp out in IOWA. We are the Pink's, Taylors, Detwielers, and others. And of course....we prayed together for you! We toasted to you, and send/sent healing energies to you.

And then the stories of high school and all the crazy things we did started to flow.....And the times with you and the Jerde family. There were some sad times...but there are so many more good memories that we hold on to!We are with all of you in spirit...(which is good~ because after three days without a shower no one really wants to be any closer to us...hahahaha stinky!) Dear sweet Paul....Please wake up soon!! It is obvious that you have a lot of reading and correspondence to reply to and keep up with!

As a wife...My prayers go out to you Patty. My whole heart is with you and Buz!!!!

May you know God's Peace today!!

Love from Iowa.

Alison (Pink) Winn

Anonymous said...

Sending you Prayers, Healing Energy, and Blessings from Mankind Project KY.


Anonymous said...


thinking of you out here in the Norcal area.

Paul Henri
Gray Wolf
Camp Krem
November 2003

Kay Franks said...

Paul: I want you to know how much I have been thinking about you and that my prayers for a fast recovery are with you. Kay Franks

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Paul and your family. I know you through your brother Jim and his wife Lori. I read all of the 179 comments left on this blog so far and it is refreshing to know that there are so many loving, caring people in the world.You have touched so many lives and I feel you have good carma coming your way. Get Well Soon.
Joyce, Scott, Maggee, Reese, & Mallory Osta

Duane King said...

Pablo, you are definitely on my mind. Stay strong and get better soon amigo.

Anonymous said...

Paul and family,
Sending love and prayers to all of you from a New Warrior brother in New Orleans. You have a community who love and care.
Mike Gootee
New Orleans Communtiy
Lafayette, LA

Sand Sailor said...


I don't think we've met. I'm a friend of Jim & Lori's. I just want to wish you well and to let you know I'll be praying for your speedy recovery. When you're up tell Jim I said howdy.

Scott O
Al Anbar, Iraq

Paul Kilty said...

Hi Paul, we're sending you as much positive energy as poss, praying for a good recovery. Bless you and your family, lots of love from the warriors of the Bournemouth
I-group England.

Elizabeth Raines said...

Paul, you've been in my thoughts and prayers every day. (Actually, my whole family is monitoring this blog, praying, and thinking about you!!) Over the years, you've called me, out of the blue, just to catch up and make me laugh. With all the people you know, it always makes me feel special that you remember me. Please wake up and call me again!!

Your friend,

Kerry said...

Paul and family,

While I don't personally know you, I heard about your accident through a mutual friend, Casey McGarr. Myself, my family, plus twenty or so of my colleagues are praying regularly for your recovery to complete strength and health. God's grace is sufficient for this whole situation!


eday said...

Dear Paul, Patty and Buzz,

I just found out about the accident. Your whole family is in my thoughts and prayers and on our prayer list at church. Amazing things can happen through prayer.

You are going to be blown away when you wake up and start reading these blogs. I haven't spent time with you guys in almost 20 years but it is obvious you are well loved.

Blessings to you. Eleanor

Rob Walker said...

Big Paul,
Just checking in, friend. We're sending as much healing energy your way as we can.

Tough it out, big guy. You can pull through this.

Anyway, keep fighting, rest up, and rejoin us when you are ready.

Rob & Carolyn Walker

Laura Klebek said...

Paul & Family,
I have heard Paul's name for many years, but heard his voice for the first time just days before this incident. He called to thank me for some help on a recent print job and that just doesn't happen every day, believe me. I am so moved by the love being shown here and I know Paul will be as well. I'm sure you feel it ... your friends and colleagues are praying for you daily and sending peaceful thoughts your way.

All our love,
Laura (Waldman) Klebek and The Graphics Group family ...

Anonymous said...


I send our thoughts and prayers to you and to your family on behalf of the Indiana/Ohio community.
Warmest Regards,

Dennis Sieracki

The Tart said...

Paul ... Here's a link to my YouTube video, with a really cool picture of you from the State Fair at the very end. Enjoy!:

Many prayers your way,
The Tart
; *

Orion Linekin said...

We had an initiation this past weekend at a new site here in San Diego. I asked the staff to call your name into the circle on Thursday night and we sent you our hopes and prayers for recovery. Wake up soon brother - Orion

Jane said...

Hey Patty and Family, I am daily praying for Paul to wake up, to open his eyes and to fully recover physically from this. I utter his name each time I find myself alone. We will continue to pray for his complete healing, and your strength and peace throughout this journey.
Love you all,
Jane Jackson

Kristine said...

Hi Paul!

You're stable, so say the doctors, do they know who they are talking about? Just kidding. Honestly, I am thrilled to read they removed the chest tube and have put in a trach---all news headed in the right direction. I thank Mr. Baronet for putting up this blog as I check it at least 5 times a day to see any updates and read the comments. It comforts me. I can only imagine how it comforts your family and how it will strengthen you when you wake up and start on the 2nd half of this journey.

Do you remember our days at RSW? Most of the time you and I got along, it was Andy and I that argued the most! I respected your talent then, still do, and look forward to seeing more. I started at RSW on October 1, 1997, the job that brought me to Dallas. The next summer I turned 30 and next week I will turn 40. Where has the time gone??? Especially when I look at these pictures of you and see you haven't changed a bit--still very good looking, with an infectious smile and piercing blue eyes. You suck! ;-p

I’ll be celebrating this monumental occasion while on a cruise…I’m not sure how to check the blog on a cruise, but I will do my best because I will be thinking of you. Maybe you could give me a really amazing birthday gift and wake up!

Again, all this to say, I am praying for you, and sending you healing thoughts all day, every day.

Love to you, your wife (who equally hasn’t aged a bit) and your beautiful boy Buzz,

Anonymous said...

Paul, Patty Buzz and family - just wanted you to know that you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers on a daily basis.

Scott, Noelle, Zoe and Zachary Rose

Anonymous said...

Paul -

Just saying hello to you my friend and want you to know you are in all of our constant thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear of your developments today! Much love to you, Patty and Buzz. I love all these photos of you. The blog is such a great way to touch base with you and let you know how much we all love you (and clearly, you are so loved) Thank you Willie and MasonBaronet for setting this up for our dear friend.

Positive thoughts and prayers all day, everday!!!

See you soon,

Rrramone said...

Actually, the correct link to the cheap tart's video is here:

The Blog Police :-)

Cheryl McCue said...

Paul: Wolford, Hannah and I have been out of the country since before the accident. But we are following your progress daily. We have been in Oslo and now Stockholm, cities with wonderful, safe lanes for people to ride bikes everywhere. Praying for you every day.


Lacey Bone said...

Jerde Family,
We continue to pray for you to wake up soon! We think and pray for you and Buzz often! The Mighty Tigers are all praying for you to recover soon. The spin class misses you too and are praying for you diligently.
Lots of Love,
Lacey,Chris, Addie and Mary Elizabeth Bone!!!

KimandBlakeley said...

WAKE UP!!!! Paul, your wonderful sense of humor and constant "up-ness" is always an inspiration. I know you can hear us, so WAKE UP already! We are ready for you to come back to us now. I will be praying along with the others for your speedy recovery. We love you!
Blakeley Warner
Ok Paper
Fort Worth

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