Friday, June 20, 2008

A message from Patty, June 20

I had a chance to read more of the messages on the blog last night and I'm completely overwhelmed. I don't know how to express how much your words, thoughts and support have helped me and my family this week. It is a gift to be able to read your memories and stories of Paul and what he has meant to so many of you and to hear from people from all stages of Paul's life and our life together. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel through this journey.



Anne said...

Oh Patty. I just love you so much and I am thinking about Paul, you, and of course, Buzz every minute.

Tambelina5ft0 said...

Patty, you have been in our prayers along with Paul and Buzz, and both of your families. I've talked to a few people since I saw you Monday night and the outpouring of love, hope and prayer is unending. Everyone who loves Paul, loves you and Buzz because we know you two are his life.

We're all blessed to know your entire family and hope God continues to bring comfort while you endure.

I for one, cannot wait for Paul to recover and regale his story in true 'Paul' fashion. He always, always knew how to make us laugh until our stomach muscles burned.

Continue to stay strong. I believe your voice is helping him every step of the way.

Wishing you peace,
Tammy & Brian Schriewer

Molly said...

You are an amazing woman of strength, Patty. My heart aches for you. I pray you find peace and even rest in the knowledge so many are praying for you all. It is amazing to hear how many across the country are calling out Paul's name to God. You are all truly loved.


zime said...

Hi Paul, I don't know you, I'm a good reader from Willie's blog. Wow man you have such a wonderful friend!!! He loves you very much!!!
Get well soon Paul!! or like we say in our country "Curate pronto amigo!!"
Best regards from Argentina!!

robeeone said...

Dear Patty, I played golf with Paul at Great Southwestern Golf Club a week ago Monday and cannot believe this has happened.

How quickly our lives can change, in a blink of an eye. That is just how quickly things can change for the better, too, once Paul is awake and on the road to recovery.

You, Buzz and Paul are in my prayers. Count on me to continue to lift you all up in prayer.

Rest in the strong right hand of God and know that prayers for healing, for peace and for comfort for each of you are on the lips of friends, family and many you may never meet.

God bless you.

Roby McEuen

Maria said...

Patty, I used to work with you at ClubCorp and I want you to know that Paul has been in our prayers. Before you an I ever worked together, Paul always seemed larger than life to me as I saw him speak at DSVC when I was a student of design at UNT. He was always very inspiring to me.
We wish you, Paul and your families many belessings, strength and love.

Maria Miranda Henkel & Chris Henkel (my new hubby)

felix sockwell said...

just got off the horn with my best friend Matthew McLaughlin... small world... his little brother Ryan rides with Paul in some sort of white rock cycling club and read my post here and didn't know I was one of Paul's pals.

Anyway, we're all thinking about you guys.

—The Sockwells

justin said...

Patty, I met Paul as a student on a studio tour with the DSVC to RSW. Great Guy! Always have looked up to him as a personality and professionally. I am also a cyclist and this really hits home. I will faithfully be praying for Paul and you. - Justin

Joe said...

You are one of our favorite people in the world and just about the best thing that ever happened to HealeyGrisham.
We send you much love,
Janet & Joe

FreeEagle said...

Brother Paul,i continue to pray for your complete recovery and for strength for the whole family.i bike my way to work everyday and even wrote about biking in my blog, that it is a split-of-a-second- swerve from a close danger.Bikers in the Philippines are rising but still an undermined population.When i was in Houston and Saint Louis, my experience gave me the conclusion that bikers are probably the most discriminated on the road. Get well soon Brother.

Anonymous said...


My partner and I were in a collision on the fourth. The car was totaled, aside from a contusion on my left arm and some abrasions, we both walked away.

Paul, there is so much to still experience...the warm summer sun, eating cool watermelon, swimming, eating your favorite foods, laughing with friends and family, connecting with the one you love, dancing 'til the sweat pours off, being moved to tears by beauty in all it's forms, being still in the presence of nature, spirit. the divine.

Perhaps where you are there are also wonderful experiences...I trust you will make the choices that bring your highest good and the highest good for your family.
Sending loving-kindness to you...

Rod "Gold Love Dragon" Sauquillo

Rrramone said...

Paul, my brother man. Like Patty, I am also overwhelmed by how many people love you and are praying for your recovery. It also brings me comfort to see comments from warrior brothers from around the world. You keep resting and healing until you're ready to wake up. We'll be waiting for you. You looked good and strong today. Love and blessings to you.

Glorious Cheetah

Dena said...

Patty, have hesitated to call again with things so busy up there so just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you guys all day every day. Thank you and your family and friends for this wonderful blog to keep track of how Paul's doing and to keep in touch with you. Reading the stories and seeing the photos is so touching. I check it at least 20 times a day, I think! We love you, Dena

Anonymous said...

Salutations Paul!

While we don't know each other, I wanted to send you bestest wishes for the speediest recovery ever! You have to get better so you can share the cupcakes I send to Willie and you better believe I'll make sure he shares them!! Take good care, and hurry up, your family and friends are missing you something fierce!!

a : )

Sarah said...

John and I have been talking alot about you. Are your ears burning? John new of you through your great reputation as a creative. I filled him in on what a great guy were to work with, and how funny you are. So you MUST wake-up, so John can meet you in person on our next trip to Dallas. And for me, I need to meet that adorable little boy of yours.

Sending lots of love your way,
Sarah, John, Michael and Henry Pucci

Anonymous said...

Patty, It's David From Good Eats. My thoughts and Prayers are with you guys!! Will keep checking the blog and let me know if there is anything you ever need.

MaLi said...

Paul + Patty,

The beautiful words and amazing prayers that friends + family are sharing speak volumes of the man you are Paul and the life you two have built. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
MaLi Arwood

Anonymous said...

Get Well Paul! I will say a prayer for you. You have so many people that care about you, they need you!

Casey said...


Dude, your going to be loving every minute reading this blog when you wake up. I am overwhelmed as I'm sure you will be too. So many here, it's amazing how many people you have touched and care about you.

God loves you and wants you to heal. My family is praying for you daily, we pray for Patty and Buzz.

We love you Paul.


Diane Laner said...

Hi Paul,
You don't know me, but I am a friend of Patty's sister Katie, and I was with Katie when she received the call from Patty about your accident a week ago today. We were working downtown and we rushed over to Baylor and were the first ones there. I am totally in awe of your family, extended family and friends, and the love and strength they possess as we all wait for you open to wake up. I'm looking forward to meeting you, too, because from the sound of all of the comments, you are the kind of person I'd like as a friend. We are all praying for you and your family and wishing you a very speedy recovery.

-- Diane Laner

Pete Kelly said...

I used to work with you and Paul at Dick's. I read about Paul's accident on a Texas Bike Racing website.
My prayers are with you guys.
Get Well Soon Paul.

Pete Kelly