Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update Saturday June 21

Paul's condition is about the same. He's still unconscious but signs are stable and he looks good. His mom, brother and 2 of his sisters are in town now, and his other sister is coming in tomorrow. His niece and nephew are here too. We so appreciate all your love and support for Paul. Keep praying and sending good thoughts his way.

The Jerde and Hatfield families


Derek said...

You have so many people thinking about Paul that I know it will help. You are an amazingly strong woman who will get through this with 2 great guys at your side.
I sent out the prayer email to my email list and discovered that one of Alex's friends parents' grew up with Paul in Cedar Rapids. What a small world we have -
Please know that we are thinking about Paul, Buzz, and you throughout everyday of this journey. We are here for your family if you need anything.

even if you just need to catch up on the latest People magazine news - you call me :)

Anonymous said...

A friend shared the link to this blog - it's so painful to hear another bicyclist has been injured. Way too many in recent weeks!

It's obvious from these photos that Paul has a strong spirit and a great sense of humor. What a wonderful experience that must've been seeing him lift his finger on request. Keep asking him to do that, and we'll keep him in our prayers.

It's great that someone linked to the BikeDFW petition - yes, there's much work to do to make cycling safer in Texas. The Texas Bicycle Coalition is also dedicated to keep the pressure on in similar fashion at the state legislature. We'll be working even harder this upcoming session on Paul's behalf to improve cyclist safety and to stiffen penalties for careless drivers.

Bud Melton, Chair
Texas Bicycle Coalition

Bobo Cat said...

I don't know you, I got here thru Willie Baronet, you really have a good and sincere friend, and I can see that you're surrounded with lots of people who love you.

I'm not good in English writing, but please accept my prayer all the way from Malaysia.

neal.stevens said...

Hi Patty, we're thinking of you, Paul, Buzz and your whole family and wishing a full and quick recovery for Paul. Hang in there -- I know this is a very trying and difficult time.

Lots of love from Neal, Jacqueline, Iasmim and Ricardo in New York

Joann Gehling said...

Greetings from Iowa! I am a friend of Beth and am aware that she is to arrive tonight. Many friends in Cedar Rapids and Prairiewoods are praying for Paul, Patty, Buzz, and all your family.
I requested that Paul be prayed for day and night for this coming week in the chapel in La Crosse, WI. May the support of so many help to ease the pain of these days.

S.Joann Gehling

Anonymous said...


Please know that you are in the hearts and thoughts of all of the Eisenbergers.

Keep fighting...WE NEED YOU.

Laura Holt

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty and Buzz --
Thinking about all of you this weekend and offering up my day for Paul and his timely recovery. Don't really know what to say but that I'm praying for your family to stay strong and hopeful and know that everything is being done as could possibly be done. You have a strong and loving community out here to sendyou love and prayers and healing energy. You are not alone. We all love Paul very much and are all waiting for him to open his eyes and say, "hey, what are y'all doing here anyway?" Warm fuzzies going out to all the family.
- Dancing Stalion

Matt Hamilton said...

I'm still praying and asking for a full and immediate recovery, and for Patty, Buzz and the whole family for some peace and rest during this waiting time.

Random York said...

I'm a neighbor in Tyler, Texas praying for you! May God bless you and your family and friends!- John York

Anonymous said...


You are missed. You have many in your life who care deeply about you and wish you a speedy and complete recovery. May god, in whatever form you know him, grant you healing and hold you in his loving embrace. My wish for you is healing and love. May you be blessed.

Marv Page

Anonymous said...

I send healing energy and prayers for Paul.

Rich McCarten

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul,

As a man, and as a fellow cyclist, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
May you recover fully!


Rich Hill

Anonymous said...

Healing energy and prayers Paul Jerde!


Anonymous said...


My prayers and soul energy go out to you. I bike regularly and hearing about your accident prompts me to be ever so vigilant in cycling.
You are strong! You are warrior.

Patrick Lyden
Allegan, MI

Anonymous said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you brother. I had an accident on my bike back in 2004 and cracked three ribs. I was lucky to get up and walk away. Bless you and your family and friends during this time. I trust that you will be up and walking soon.

Your MKP brother,

Dave Fralick
Healing Lion
Oct. 2001 BEDFORD IN

Sonja said...

Im so glad I was able to give you a hug at the hospital last week. I just want you to know that I think of you, Paul and Buzz every day and constantly check the blog. The blog has really touched me - Paul has so many wonderful people supporting and praying for him right now. Get your rest so you can continue to be a pillar of strength for Paul and Buzz. I will continue to pray, but if you need anything at all please let me know.
Luv ya,

Tim said...

Hey, Paul-

I am thinking of you this afternoon, and I am reminded of a weekend in April of 2007. Do you remember? All I'll say is: red paint, an unique canvas and an emaciated chicken.

We're all waiting, my friend, for you to return with your blessings of love, hope and humor.


Molly said...

I keep thinking of the time when Paul brought Buzz to trick or treat when we were living down the street. Buzz was an ice cream cone, of course. So creative.

The pictures on the blog are such a great testament to Paul's love of life, friends and family. They are wonderful, thanks for sharing them.

Like many, I am sure, I check this blog repeatedly throughout the day. You are always on my mind, in my prayers.

Hoping you feel the hug I am sending,


orangefrute88 said...

i found this by chance and am sending good wishes your way. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi there Patty,

We are on our knees for Paul and you and your sweet family everyday. Praying for complete recovery in Paul and comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding as you wait and journey through this. God bless,
Shareese, Brad, Jack, Harry and George Rowland

Emila Yusof said...

Hi Paul! I came from Willie's blog soon as I read this. I am from Malaysia and being so far away doesn't stopped me from sending you wishes. I hope you will get well soon and please accept my sincere prayer.

Emila Yusof

dick said...

paul. still thinking of you daily. in trying to remember my first shoot with you i stumbled across a memory. not sure if it was our first gig or not but i distinctly recall you asking me what one thing i might pass along to someone starting out. i said "persistence." i'll say it again. people need you.

Anonymous said...

dear paul and family, it's Greg Pink! I have pages to write but have heard it can be difficult to manuver this site. this is a test letter, please let me know if it works so I can share twenty years plus! Love and miss you all

Gev said...

You're neighbors are praying and wishing that Paul gets well soon. We just want you to know we are pulling for and you anxiously waiting for him to recover. You have our support.

Jason said...


I just got the new Coldplay album, which you would most likely hate, but you must know that Track 1 reminds me of you. It's called "Life in Technicolor." It's what you've inspired in me. To breathe the air. To see the amazing things around us. To write it down. To take a picture of it. To draw it. To tell the person next to you about it. To shake someone's hand. To lift up your neighbor. To say Thank You. To make a phone call. To do it today. To be excited about everything that comes our way. To live life everyday. And it can only continue if you wake up.

You'll hear it soon and I know you'll like it.


TommyB said...

Hey Patty, Buzz and Paul,

Still praying for you all. Asking God to give you supernatural healing, peace and joy in the midst of a trial. We are ready to celebrate a full recovery and are looking faithfully to that day.


Carolyn Felkner said...

This morning during our devotion time at work, I requested prayer for Paul.
George and I continue to lift up Paul and the family each day in prayer.
God is still in the miracle business and we are expecting that for Paul.
God Bless You
George & Carolyn Felkner

kristin baxter said...

Patty & Paul,

I've been checkin' in daily… praying for some amazing news that Paul has finally decided to wake up… but I guess he must really need that extra rest. I believe that God has amazing healing powers and I know he is with you always.

It's been so long since I've seen Paul and even longer since I've seen you, Patty, but I've had you all in my prayers. Paul's amazing spirit is so infectious to those around him, and this moment in his life has proven just how many lives he has touched.
I look at my two boys every day and am thankful to have the chance to love my children and I know that Buzz feels that same love from Paul.... and so, gosh darn it, please wake up Paul and take your son to get some ice cream... or a snow cone.... or you could just hunt down some of those Mexican Ice cream vendors like we all did so many years ago working together at RSW. I'll never forget how we stuffed 7 or 8 of us into your boat of a car and went on an ice cream hunt in some random part of Dallas.... Buzz needs some of that fun. So wake up and get to it!

Hang in there Patty. You are such a strong woman and I've always admired that about you... now tell that husband of yours to wiggle some more fingers! and his eyelids too!

We are all praying for you every day.
Kristin, Gary, Mason & Joel Baxter

Carolyn Felkner said...

This morning during our devotion at work, I requested prayer for Paul. Buckner International is praying for him!
George and I continue to lift Paul and the family up in prayer each morning.
God is the great Physician.
Blessing to each of you,
George and Carolyn Felkner

Carolyn Felkner said...

This morning during our devotion at work, I requested prayer for Paul.
Buckner International is praying for him!
George and I continue to lift Paul and his family up in prayer each morning.
God is the great Physician.
Blessings to each of you,
George and Carolyn Felkner

Anonymous said...

i don't know you brother but feel like i do now. sending you love and prayers on a full recovery. your family and friends love you dearly, and i pray for them also at this difficult time.

joe. London-England

Fitz Dearmore said...

Paul (and Patty),
Warm peacefull energy flowing out to you from the Memphis MKP community. As a father, husband, son and brother I have empathy for the circle of emotions you must be feeling on the plain you are living on right now.

I wish you comfort and strength in that place, I am sure you are surrounded by love.

I believe that we are all related and I will keep you, your wife and child in our prayers at our lodge.

Fitz Dearmore

Lucinda said...

Patty, Paul, and Buzz

I want you to know that there is not a spare moment in my day that I am not thinking of you all. You have many people in Austin, Beeville, and Estes Park praying for you.

While this walk is long and hard, I am very much looking forward to seeing on the blog that Paul has opened his eyes. You have a strong and loving family and extended family that is out here to help you, Paul, and Buzz every step of the way.


John G said...
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John G said...

Paul, one of the last times we spoke you mentioned to me how good and generally happy I looked.
I can hardly wait to tell
you the same.
Get well and wake up soon, we all need your words of inspiration.

You, Patty, Buzz and your families are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...


I get to work with you everyday and, because of that, you've made me a better account manager, a better critic (in a good way) and a better person. Everyone in my family is praying for you and your family every day.

I've been searching for the right Jerde-ism to succinctly sum everything up in a pithy way, as I am wont to do. The one that I think fits is one that you'll offer up when you know there's more in me to give. You'll just look at me with that Paul smirk and quietly say, "Dude...come on."

So, dude...come on.


Tale of Cats with no tails said...

Dear Patty,

I am keeping You, Paul and your family in my thoughts. I hope for the best for you all. It is good to know you have so much support during this difficult time.

-Erica Ellis