Monday, June 23, 2008

Update Monday June 23

Paul remains unconscious yet stable in ICU. This morning, the doctors removed the chest tube, which shows improvement in Paul's lung. They also performed a tracheotomy in order to remove the respirator tube from his mouth to protect his vocal chords. The doctors feel this will be more comfortable for Paul and decrease the chance of infection. He was sedated during the procedure so we don't expect much movement today. Thank you again for all of your support and well wishes.

Love, Patty


The Tart said...

Hi Paul,

I think the last time I saw you I was having coffee with the Glorious Cheetah (Willie) at the Starbucks in the West Village. We were both blogging of course ... You know how that Cheetah loves his blog!

I have a treat for you when you wake up ... I created a video for you & put it on YouTube. Here's how it came to be:

Saturday afternoon I was having a late lunch at one of my favorite outdoor cafes. I was alone with only my laptop & camera to keep me company. There was a nice summer breeze blowing a bit of cool air around. Between that & the fans, sitting outside was actually bearable. Shocking I know, for Texas!

As I pondered my life, I looked up & saw these 4 yellow ribbons blowing in the breeze ... And I thought of you. It was a sign ... 4 is my lucky number, the Cheetahs also. I thought, I have to video this for Paul!

So here is the deal ... When you wake up, watch the video & if you don't like the song, pick out a favorite of yours instead. I would be happy to switch it.

Meantime, Willie & I will save a date to have coffee with you ... And each night before I turn out the last light, I want you to know, that I look out my window at the blue flame over at Baylor & send you many get well wishes.

Paul ... Here's a link to my video, with a really cool picture of you from the State Fair at the very end. Enjoy!:

Many prayers your way,
The Tart
; *

Hanna Whiteman said...

Get well soon paul, you seem to be a much loved man,

Hanna, Spain.

odd duck said...

If you had been awake you could have told everyone that I have always wanted to perform an emergency tracheotomy. Granted, this wasn't an emergency situation and you STILL aren't awake, so I'll let it slide this time.

Promise me you'll ask your docs how to do one then teach me. Theeeeen, we can tell people how I saved you life on the street one day when I performed an emergency trach on you. You can even show your scar as proof.

We don't have to tell the story if you don't want to. I am actually more interested in you waking up. Willie and I are coming up Wednesday (in 2 days!) and plan on seeing your beautiful blues alert and eager.

I love you and can't wait to tell you in person.

Brad said...

At the risk of being a double-blogger (sounds like a “Seinfield” episode), I wanted to share this.

After I visited you the other day, I was surprised to find a blue Town Car parked next to me when I left. Coincidence? I think not! I laughed, and was reminded your past affinity for driving cars only a grandfather (or great grandfather) could love.

Talk to you soon.


Kelly McCullough said...

Hi Paul,

It's been a while since we talked. As I was reading all of the blog, all of the wonderful interactions we've had over the years came back to me. You've always been such a wonderfuly supportive, friendly and considerate creative force. It all started with a basic portfolio review through the DSVC when I graduated UNT. Over the years you were always great to correspond with and run into at DSVC or around town. And when I almost came to work with you at MasonBaronet- it was a privelage to share m work with you again at that time. I don't think I told you, but I have recently moved to San Francisco to work for Goodby Silverstein. I was just talking with Erica Ellis, who is now in Austin, - she gave me the url to this blog. We are singing your praises and sending big hugs and positive energy your way. Once you're fully rested, I hope to hear from you again. So get well soon Paul! We love you! More big hugs! Love, Kelly McCullough

Anonymous said...

Greetings Paul from Canada.

I got a notice via e:mail that you a fellow warrior encountered an accident on your journey of life.

As an Elder in my community I wish to bestow a blessing an prayer for your healing my fellow brother. Get well eh!!!! We are all connected!

Peace, healing energy coming your way.

Victor Dominato "Loving & Lovable Stallion. Soul Brother I-Group, Windsor Ontario Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hello Paul and Patty,
We arrived home without incident, but mentally we are still in Dallas with you. Stay strong all of you in the ICU, we love you and will be back soon, maybe this weekend, we will let you know as soon as our plans are definite. Stay united and strong, those of you in the ICU, positive thoughts and comments to Paul.
We love you and are thinking of you constantly.
Jim, Lori, Billye and Jesse

kj said...

from willie's blog, i come to send healing prayers and loving thoughts. paul looks like the terrific guy i'm sure he is.


Nasher said...

went walking out today
the rain looked so far away
caught me quite by surprise
it was then that I started
to realize
you just never know
hope will keep you going
love will keep hope flowing
determination is your strength
may peace guide you from your sleep

Chase Family & Friends said...

Paul & Family-
We are glad to know you, although better circumstances would have been our prefrence. We came across your story through another bloggers site. My family, friends, & I have been praying for you and your family for more than a week now, everyday. We can't wait to meet you- We feel certian that you are a man who brings color to the world!
Chase family & friends

Jef Tingley said...

Hi Paul,

Just thinking of you and hope you wake up soon!

Anonymous said...

I came across your story through a coworker and have been following your story and I am amazed at your strength and support line. I have riden many miles around the lake, so as a fellow cyclist, I know how much you love riding while enjoying the serenity of the lake. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope you wake up soon. Paul C.

the taylors said...

Paul, Patty and Buzz,
Just want you to know we think of you each day. We pray that you wake up very soon!

Mike and Diane Taylor

ksassz said...

PJ, it's CZ!

Wasn't is just a few months ago that your priceless face popped into my office in New York City of all places? What a refresher that was. No matter where you go you are a blazing bright human being.

So, I hear you've hit a rough patch. It's OK. You are going to be alright. I know you'll power through it. You are an unstoppable force.

I think about you every day and pray for those true blue eyes to open so sweet Patty and Buzz can see them.

I know that your schedule is probably booked dreaming about crazy, wild, and beautiful things, but on July 3rd I will be in town. And was wondering if you could put some time aside to visit with your old Cass? No pressure. Just think about it.

With love the size of Texas,


April & Geoff said...

My thoughts are prayers are with your family. We don't know Paul, but are friends of friends. My husband and I are both bikers and runners. Love, hugs, and heartfelt prayers.