Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday, Sept. 24 - The Day After the Jerde Cup

The Jerde Cup was yesterday and it was an amazing event. I was there around noon to greet some of the golfers and was completely overwhelmed by how many people participated, how organized the event was and how much Paul's presence was felt throughout. In every group, I saw a part of our lives, whether it was high school friends of mine, college friends of Paul's, friends from Dick's Last Resort (where we met more than 20 years ago), colleagues from my many years at ClubCorp, from RSW Creative (Paul's first job out of college), MasonBaronet (his most recent job) friends of family, and SO MUCH representation from those in the design community. What an extraordinary group of people. As I was chatting with one volunteer about how overwhelmed I was with the organization and generosity of Paul's creative designer friends, he added, "And not only that, designers make sure everything looks great too!" And they did - there were Jerde Cup coffee cups and T-shirts and some incredible drawings and paintings of Paul out on display.

I did not stay for the dinner afterward because I was at Pate with Paul but I told him about the event and I believe he understood, smiled but also got very emotional when he heard about everyone who was there. From what I heard, the dinner afterward was a great success and everyone had a wonderful time. Buzz was there with his cousins and came home with several raffle prizes and a passion for the game of golf. This morning, he was practicing his putting on the front lawn and ended up being late for school. I guess the golf bug runs in the family.

When Paul's accident happened on June 14, we were catapulted to a new life. I feel like our families and our friends were there to catch us, gently place us on the ground, and have helped clear our pathway as much as possible. We are so blessed to have such a large group of friends and family that care so much to take the time and effort to support us. So many people have stepped in and contributed in so many ways - it is a tribute to the human spirit and how kind and caring people can be.

Thank you to all of the organizers of the Jerde Cup, especially John May, John Hampton, Dave Cowling, and Anne Clarrissimeaux and all of the others who helped set it up, the volunteers, those who donated so generously, and to all the players.

I hope those who attended will take the time to post messages on the board about their experience so that I can share the good times had with Paul. And, I know many photos were taken and we'll post them on the blog soon.

Thank you again.


bobby hatfield said...

Patty, Dale,Danny and I had a great time at the Jerde cup. The
turn out was overwhelming and really lets you know how great of a guy Paul is and how many lives he
has touched. Buzz and I monitored
his raffle tickets and he was so excited when he won. He then said
to Jack Proudman " I want you to win now so we both will have won"
He is a great kid!!! Love Bobby

Anonymous said...

Wow~ what a great day!
The Jerde Cup was spectacular.
It was such a wonderful event that pulled so many friends and family together. The Rally of support just goes to show how much love surrounds Paul and his family.
Keep up the great strides Paul and be-FORE long, we can all play a round with you!
Love Calvert's

Anonymous said...

Patty and Paul, Wish I could have been there for this fantastic event. I can't wait to see the pics! Please know that you both (as well as Buzz) continue to be in my prayers. Keep the faith! All the best, Angelina

Jason said...

It was a great event, a great golf course, and tons of great people. Everyone I met at the 16th Hole was really excited to be there and was glad to have been a part of it. Thanks to the John's and everyone who set it up.

wines said...

Paul - What an awesome event!!! It was great to see Patty there. It felt like old times, and scrambles of years past, with me as your “D” player (some things never change). I know Jan, Jeff, Lori and Steve (and all your former RSW co-workers) are thinking about you. In fact, Craig joined me at the Jerde Cup. We shared a lot of good times from the past (most including you, of course). Take care! Brad

d. patrick said...

hey paul, next year the tourny will be even better when you're there to join us. i got to catch up with many old friends and was reminded about how many ways our lives have intersected through the people we know. i hope you feel better my friend. keep working hard so we can share this great event together next year.

Anonymous said...

Looking around at all the support and love from your friends was overwhelming. Patty was right when she said your presence was felt. You have so many people that love you and now you have a coffee cup made just for you! I have a visual picture of you drinking from it with a big smile on your face. I think I can speak for the whole family in saying, keep up the hard work in Anna!! We want you home for the holiday's and Patty, Buzz and you with us for Jonathan's first trip to Bethany Beach next summer.We love you, Amy, David and Jonathan

Jeff said...

Paul, the tournament was AMAZING, who knew you had some many friends!! The Matchbox team won the award for highest score hands down, which I'm pretty sure counts for something. Kerry, Jen, Josh and I were honored to play and will start practicing for next year. Liz would have loved to have been there but was at the hospital looking after her new baby girl! Montre Elizabeth Burnett was born the morning of the event! She and Scott send their love and support. Keep up the hard work so we can see you on the course next year!

- Jeff Breazeale and the whole Matchbox Studio team.