Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

I am happy to post that Paul's surgery went well yesterday. The procedure was over about 7:00 p.m. last night and the doctor said it went very smoothly and that he is very optimistic about the possibilities. Prior to the surgery, he videotaped Paul sitting, standing, walking with assistance, and stretching his arm so that he could measure Paul's improvement over time. Prior to the surgery, Paul spelled out, "I'll be happy once they implant this S-O-B" and he did seem very happy afterward but in some pain. Beth stayed with Paul at the hospital last night and it still is to be determined whether he'll stay over tonight as well. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you, everyone, for keeping us in your thoughts yesterday. Paul read throught the blog messages at the hospital as we waited to be called in for the surgery and I know he appreciated all the support and encouragement. I did too!

Thanks again,


annie said...

great update! I love your fighting spirit Paul!!

Anonymous said...

hey paul/ patty

will be coming in later this mo. wanna stop in and say hi. feb 27- 2 i think... i'll just walk in.. no need for silly doorbells and things. paul, keep your pants on.


Anonymous said...

YEAH! I am so happy to hear the good news! I didnt realize the surgery would take over 3 hours.

I am glad it's over and will look forward to seeing even more wonderful progress...which I have faith will happen.

Keep working hard Paul! We love you

The Hatfields

Jane Jackson said...

Mike and I are glad to hear about successful surgery, and hope improvement is almost immediate. I had a dream a couple wks ago where I saw a healthy and easily-locomoting Paul. I believe dreams come true!

Rrramone said...

So happy to hear that Patty! I was confident it would go well. Let me know when the man is coming home! ;-)

Sarah said...

what good news!

love, that puccis

Rob Walker said...

Hey Paul,
Keep the good fight going. I still have that video you wanted to show your team at M?B.

Your friend,
Rob Walker

Kristine said...

Love to hear this. I'm sorry to hear Paul you were in a bit of pain...hopefully that will go away soon.

Know that I'm thinking of both of you and can't wait until we go and practice your walking.

Love to both,

dickdavid said...

Good to see that all went well with the surgery.

Keep on fighting, Paul.

Brad said...

Good news. I hope to see you soon. Unlike Felix, I'll ring the doorbell :-)
- Brad

Anonymous said...

Great news, glad to hear that it went smoothly. I hope you are home by now, and that the meds are helping. Keep it up!

Love Hilary

Anonymous said...

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.
Henry David Thoreau

Anonymous said...

pump up the jam
pump it up
pump it up

hang in there, pablo
remember the ocean and the afghan?

kathy jerde said...

paul....we know you are healing when you spell out SOB...LOVE it....what else do you spell out that patty does not put in the blog.....mushy stuff in the mail under separate, kathy

Anonymous said...

Aw, yeah. Glad to hear everything went well. Here's to a speedy recovery and KICKING SOME ASS!

Big Hugs,

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