Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Older, wiser, and damn good looking! :-)



Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Paul!! I am glad I got to celebrate your birthday with you today! Look how far you have come in 1 year! I am so proud of you and look forward to all of your future accomplishments--you are one of a kind!! Keep on keepin' on :)

getwellsoon! said...
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white buffalo said...

happy birthday paul!!!!!!!! from one white buffalo to another. great seeing you at graduation.
john sklar

Rrramone said...

Paul, perhaps a belated spanking on Thursday night is in order. :-) Prepare yourself. heh heh


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Rob W.

King Douglas said...

I turned 65 last week and our mutual friend, Willie Baronet, took me to breakfast this morning. Your name came up during our conversation and I told Willie that it is because of you that I never get on my bike without my helmet...I fact, I didn't own a bicycle helmet until Willie told me about your accident and I read your story here.

I hear you are still improving and are surrounded by loving family and friends.

All the best to you.

King Douglas

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pablo Craziness...here's to many,many more. Your friend, Fish

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday buddy! Hope had a good one.

I love that story Patty posted about you and Buzz and the US Open. So sweet. You know, my dad's birthday is also near father's day, who also loves golf. So I totally relate to that weekend being a super dad extravaganza always with the US Open in the background.

So, happy birthday, happy father's day, and I'm so glad you got to see another US Open (whew).

Much Love,

kathy jerde said...

dearest patty, paul and buzz
the mustard seed continues everyday to send white light to surround you....with healing, health, love and peace....we believe totally in pauls ability to come back physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually....the healing goes on and on.....love, the seeds

Jeff Sheldon said...


Happy belated Birthday! I will always toast to you on this great day, because we share the same Birth day! Keep up the great progress! I will think of always!

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