Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No More Tracheotomy!

Finally, Paul's tracheotomy was taken out yesterday. There is a now just gauze, which will stay for a few days until the hole closes up. The doctors also took him completely off oxygen so no more nasal canula (tubes in his nose). So now he looks even more like himself and has fewer tubes and things to grab at, and he's breathing completely on his own. Another small but positive step, and we are grateful for all of them.

Thanks again for all your positive thoughts, comments and prayers. You are all part of Team Jerde, and it's the best team in the world.

Love and blessings,
The Jerde and Hatfield families


John G said...

Go Team Jerde!!!!
Paul, we are all waiting on the team captain to come around and tell us what to do next! We have a coffee waiting on you, don't let it get cold.

Sarah said...


much love,
the pucci's

Alexa said...

Howdy Paul,

Just sitting here working, trying to squeeze some creative juice out of my brain. You came to mind. How are you feeling? I desperately wish I could drop in and say "hi" and deliver this hug that I have for you in person. You keep on keepin' on pal!

love ya,
Alexa and Family

Dfish said...

Trach-free! Sounds like tax-free Paul.Sure, either is taking off the bridle. Aho!

Angela said...

Jerde and Hatfield families, Thank you so much for these updates. I'm so glad to hear that Paul is making some positive steps forward to recovery. What a wonderful sign!
I'm keeping Paul and your family in my prayers always.


Wendy Virtue said...

Way to go Paul!

AM/KT said...

Not a day goes by at Oak Lawn where Paul's well-being isn't being discussed. Everyone is thinking about you all daily and hoping for the best. You are such a tremendous family and we are all so lucky to know you. We are thinking of you!
Andrea McCauley

Anonymous said...

Paul, Patty and Buzz,
Thank you for the updates! Glad to hear Paul is breathing on his
own. I'm a friend of Kathy and Cindy at the Mustard Seed and look forward to meeting all of you there one day:)
Keeping you all in my prayers.
Mary Ellen

Kat said...

that's good to hear. i've just been at rrramones site and read about what happened. i hope paul is going to feel better every day!