Friday, July 18, 2008

Update - Friday, July 18

Paul was moved last night to a private room. He is now in room 201, which is great as there is much more space and privacy. We'll now be able to play music for him without having to use the headphones, sit more comfortably with him and talk a little louder, and I plan to bring Buzz up to the hospital this weekend for another visit. And, of course, between therapy sessions this morning, I'll keep the TV tuned into TNT, so Paul can watch/hear/hopefully sense the British Open. Even though Paul will be disappointed that Ernie Els probably won't make the cut, he should be interested that Greg Norman is leading the pack. Let's hope the tournament stays exciting throughout the weekend. Thank you, everyone again, for your interest and constant support.



Jessica said...

Hello! I was forwarded your prayer request email (about a month ago?) by the McEacherns, and have been surfing over every few days to keep up with Paul's progress. We recently moved, and the day we were to pray at noon was the day all our stuff was delivered. I had set my cell phone alarm, and with all the movers, boxes, and unpacking going on around me, it took me a moment to remember why my alarm was going off! Admittedly, it was a short prayer at the time, but I continue to pray for Paul's healing, and am elated at his progress whenever I read the updates.

We recently met a man who was hit by a vehicle about four years ago while riding his bicycle. I think he was only unconscious for a day or so, and has had several surgeries since then. He can't bike anymore because it hurts his back too much to be in that position. When he told us about his accident, I instantly thought of you and Paul (he even looks a little like Paul, and his wife has curly hair like you)! I thought maybe I was supposed to tell you about it - maybe to give you further encouragement that while this fellow didn't sustain the same injuries, the situations were similar, and he's fine now. Well, except that he can't ride his bike, but I think he's still working on that. He is very positive, and friendly, too - he struck up a conversation with my husband at the store, and when he found out we were new in town, exchanged phone numbers, and gave us a call!

Through reading your blog and looking at the pictures, Paul seems very much the optimist and quite friendly, too. I'll keep praying, and I look forward to reading of Paul's continued progress!
Jessica Parets

J.J. Barto said...

Paul, Patty & Buzz-
The whole Barto family is rooting for Paul! Thanks for the blog, it is a great way to keep up with the progress.

I have Buzz's T-ball trophy from the day of the accident. I thought you all might like to hear what Coach Bodie said about Buzz that day.

From Bodie:
"Buzz simply does not do anything half-way and I love that about him. Watch him play baseball, and you will see what I am talking about. When he swings, he swings for the fence. When he is in the field, he will chase a ball to the fence if thats what it takes to make the play. So I guess what Buzz did at the plateduring our May 10th game should'nt have suprised me, but it did. During his first bat, I positioned Buzz to hit the ball toward left field, like I do with every batter. Well, Buzz knocked the ball past everyone, including the coaches in the outfield. So his next at bat, I decided to try something new. I looked at Buzz and said,"Buzz, I want you to hit it out there to that tree," and I pointed to the big tree past right center field. I didn't adjust his stance or anything. I just pointed. Well, Buzz turned his body, adjusted his stance, pulled his bat back and hit the ball not just toward the tree. He hit the ball to (in bold) the tree. It was a beautifuf hit and illustrated so well how Buzz plays the game- Mach 2, hair on fire!!! Well Done Buzz!!"

GO TEAM JERDE! Barto family is praying for you.

Kay Janssen said...

Dear Jerde Family,

I am a friend/client of James' in Kansas, and have been following your blog for several weeks now. You've done an excellent job with it, and I thought you'd like to know that my husband Peter and I are praying for all of you, and especially Paul! God bless each of you. Warm Regards, Kay Janssen, Wichita, Kansas.

Art said...

I know Greg Norman is doing well....but how 'bout that Rocco!
Makes us oldies proud....

Go Paul!


Jason said...

Golf is one of those unusually-likable sports. You can make fun of it all you want, balk at the price of greens fees & golf clubs; but all it takes is one dead-on practice swing and you're hooked. Or maybe that's just how it was for me, when I got to play with Paul at a tournament a few months back.

It's good to hear about your progress, Paul. Keep it up and we'll hit the greens again someday.

Anonymous said...

HEy Patty, wishing you guys a great weekend. DAvid B

Dfish said...

One swing at a time, Paul.

Rrramone said...

Paul, sending you love from San Francisco! Keep up the great work my brother.


Molly said...

I know it must be a relief to be in a private room! Still praying and looking forward to seeing you this week.