Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update - Sunday, July 27

We've now been in the private room for over a week and it is great. Paul'stracheotomy hole is now nothing but a tiny scab and he no longer receives any kind of breathing treatment. He is now moving his right arm much more although he is tensing it up. He gets very fidgety at times and pulls at theblanket and at his gown. He keeps rearranging one around his head; it lookslike he is trying to make himself more comfortable. One of the therapists commented that this was “purposeful” movement, which is good.

His therapy now involves daily trips in a Stretchair (photo on left), an industrial-type wheelchair that allows Paul to be moved safely from the prone position in the bed to safely sitting upright. He is then taken to the workout room, where the therapists work with him. He is seated upright on a mat while one of the physical therapists holds him up from behind while another sits on a chair in front of him. At this point, he cannot hold his head up (although it is getting much stronger) so the therapist must hold it up while also holding him from behind. The goal is for him to work up his strength and to relearn to sit up.

Looking at my notes from the past week, I can see the progress he has made. It is sometimes hard to tell since I am here every day so it is nice when a visitor, who hasn’t seen him for a week or so, comes by and talks about how good he looks and all the changes.
Thanks again to everyone. I am thankful everyday to have so many people rallying around us. I can't even imagine what it might be like without allof your support.

Love, Patty


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates...we are so encouraged by Paul's continued progress. Sending our prayers your way each day!

Mike and Diane Taylor

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates! We've been keeping up with Paul's progress and think of you and your family daily.
We continue to keep you in our prayers! As an occupational therapist I can say that a strong support system and a positive attitude make a huge difference in recovery. It sounds like you are truly blessed as far as that goes. Keep it up Paul! We're all rooting for you!

Much love!
Rebecca and Tadd Myers

Art said...

Sound like Paul is rallying. We are working on the golf tournament-details to follow this week.It will be spectacular!
Hey-maybe he can play!
Seriously, Paul is in my prayers every day.

Art Simmons

Scott Moore said...

Step by step, sounds like you're on your way back. Keep up the good work, and I'll see soon.

Amy, one of the sister-in-laws said...

I spent some time Friday and Saturday with Paul and I really feel him coming back to us. His pulling on the sheets is like a tug a war to make sure he doesn't "flash" anyone. I think he is making us work with some fun attached. I love you Paul now wake up and come back and we will have a "Hatfest" all for you!

Amy~ Patty's sister

Ty said...

Hello Patty,

My name is Ty Allison. I am freelance writer for The Dallas Morning News. We would like to do a story about Paul and the community action that is taking place because of his accident.
Please contact me at or by phone at 817-689-5451. You can let me know, either way, if you would be interested in the story.

Thanks much.

Wendy Virtue said...

Keep up the good work Paul! You guys are in my prayers continually!

Cassandra said...

Hi Guys,

Glad to hear of Paul's progress.
Keep it up big boy!

Thinking of you everyday,


cmcgarr said...

Hey Paul,

Even in recovery you continue to win awards, Congratulations!!!

It's great to read about your continued progress. You are in our prayers everyday.

We love you and pray for you,

The McGarr Family

Dfish said...


Anonymous said...

We are thinking about you and hoping every day for continued improvement!

Thomas and Jennifer Morris

Erin said...

Love the progress. Go, Paul, go! Patty~ You're amazing! Thank you for the information and updates.

Ryan & Erin

Tim said...

Yo, Paul-

That's a badass chair. Seriously.

I'm returning to LOMG in October for the anniversary of our first MKP staffing. I'll be in Dallas on October 22 or so, and my first stop is your room. When I visit, PLEASE keep those sheets DOWN. Aho.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Much love to you and Patty and Buzz.


Alex K said...


Scott and I stopped by yesterday and it was great to see Patty and you. You looked right at us with those ice blue eyes and I could tell you were deciding whether to tell us to get back to work or get you a Venti Breakfast Blend with two extra shots. We went back to work, but we'll bring the coffee next time when you're up and about. Lookin' good, man.

Anonymous said...

Patty - I think of you both every day and pray for you. You are such an inspiration to me. I'm proud to be your friend. God bless you sweetheart!
Michele Arnette

Bonita Harlow said...

My son Wes was in the ICU while you were there and we were part of the waiting room family.
So glad to hear that Paul is continuing to progress. I know it is very taxing on you physically and mentally, but I too know that you will do whatever it takes. Just wanted you to know that our family continues to pray for him and your family.
Wes is doing very well!

Anonymous said...


I went to school with Paul in Denton. He was an outstanding student and an inspiration to everyone, young and old. There are so many of us that are proud of his accomplishments in this crazy field. You rock, Paul!!

We've been following the blog and are glad to hear of the daily progress Paul is making. Thank you, Patty, for all you do and for keeping everyone posted. Speaking of inspiration, you have been such a shining light through all of this and have truly inspired me and my family and so many people, friends, family, and strangers. You've done such a wonderful job of writing, educating, and telling your story, as hard as that may be.

As a wife and mother, I wanted to write you today to give you some creds and hugs and best wishes for quiet moments and peace. We continually pray for you, Buzz, Paul and your family with hopes that Paul will have a very good recovery. From what you've told us all, I think he's trying very hard to break out and come back.

Much love and many blessings,

Lori Walls
and Mike, Ivy and Lily

Andy and Lisa said...

If you have the time and inclination, here's a link to a wonderful sermon on the book of Habakkuk we heard this Sunday. I was thinking of you and Paul throughout. We hope this might lift your spirits and give you encouragement and strength.

Blessings - we continue to pray for you!
Andy and Lisa Roth

Joe said...

Patty --

Thanks for your diligent updates on Paul's condition. Sending lots of heartfelt peace, serenity and grace to you and Paul --

Joe Rutland
Austin, TX