Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Paul's Picnic Pix!

Click here to see all the photos. Hope you enjoy them!


Kristine said...

Hi Paul:

It's 2:00 and I've just past the western point of Cuba on my way to Jamaica. PLEASE wake up so I can tell you all about it. You are sooo rich Paul--rich in love and friendship based on this blog and the outpouring. I'm sorry I can't log on everyday while away, but it makes my day to know you are in your own room, gathering strength and coming back to your loved ones. Stay strong, be uplifted, and I'll TALK to you soon.

Love to you, Patty and Buzz,

Sarah said...

wow. I am blown away by the love and and support of the picnic. the pictures say it all. you are a lucky man, mr. jerde. when you wake up, I know you will be blown away also!

much love,
sarah, john, michael and henry pucci

bnally said...

Hey Paul.

Get better soon. you have a lot of friends and family that are pulling for you. Looks like you have inspired a stash of artwork for future layouts and logos!

All my best/Brian Nally

Cassandra said...

hey PJ,

it's CZ confirming our appointment for this thursday. i'm flying in from nyc to see your awesome self.

do you want me to bring you anything from the city? maybe a cool Ramones T-shirt or something? let me know, but first you'll have to wake up for a moment so you can give your order to me. K?

if not, i promise to bring something for you anyways.

your pal,


Bobby said...

Paul, as I sit here as a new father, I think how proud I am of you and Patty. How great of a kid Buzz is and how much he is a reflection of you. See you soon Bobby

Casey said...


You would be dancing when you saw all the people that came out to support you. Dude, lots of good friends and prayers were sent your way on Saturday.

You have a wonderful family, it was great to talk with them.

We continue to pray for you, Patty, and Buzz,

We love you,
Casey, Deana, Grant, and Ella